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    This morning I had leftover chicken and vegetable soup with a clove of fresh pressed garlic in the bowl accompanied by a 1/3 of a banan smeared with almond butter. Yummy!

    It occurred to me though, as my primal husband gagged over my breakfast (he can only eat "breakfast foods" for breakfast, he had scrambled eggs w/ salsa and yogurt with strawberries on top), that primal people seem to be more willing to not eat breakfast foods for breakfast. I mean, my husband and his daughter think things like pizza, chicken soup, or heck any leftover really, is disgusting in the a.m. By lunch, they are ready to consider it.

    I was raised to eat leftovers for breakfast, so that could explain my tolerance for fish and garlic first thing in the morning :P What about ya'll? Did you grow accustomed to eating "dinner" dishes in the a.m. because of primal, or before you were primal?

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    I really cant stomach anything non-breakfast for breakfast. My go-to breakfast is bowl of berries + nuts and seeds or eggs and bacon. If I cant have either of those two, I just dont eat breakfast. I was raised on typical SAD breakfast foods (usually toast or sugary cereal)
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      I often eat non breakfast foods for breakfast, and think I've always been this way. North americans seem to be more interested in sugary weirdness for breakfast than other places I've found.
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        This thread was titled "Breakfast of Champions" so natural I assumed there would be discussion of baby eating. Or at least fetus eating.


        Abortion, it's what's for Breakfast.


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          I'll eat anything at breakfast that isn't tied down. This morning it was a burger with some stir-fried broccoli and crookneck squash. (Picked fresh from the garden.


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            I don't really think of foods as "breakfast foods" or "non-breakfast foods." I'll eat eggs at any time of the day, or steak in the morning. Leftovers for breakfast is a pretty standard go-to for me. I also live in residence when I'm at university which means if I eat breakfast after 10:30 am there's no more "breakfast food". It bothers some people but doesn't really matter to me. Although not being able to have bacon whenever I want is sometimes a drag.


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              If steak with sauteed onions, and mushrooms isn't a breakfast food, then breakfast can go to hell!

              ...eggs, and bacon for dinner/lunch is a regular feature around this Star Destroyer.


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                I had half a pork chop for breakfast today, with some zucchini fried in butter and garlic. Yum.

                I started eating non-breakfast foods for breakfast when I was in China -- there was the most wonderful chicken soup like porridge I had there. And rice balls wrapped around sausage.

                Now, it's all just food -- not assigned to any particular time of the day.
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                  I like my Saturday moring breakfast the most. I throw down a whole 1 lb package of bacon on a 14" skillet and slow cook it on low heat for about 30 minutes then serve it up with a large chopped avocado and some pico-de-gallo relish. Then I go work out in the yard and fast for the rest of the day.
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                    I had an HB egg and the remainder of a turkey leg for breakfast.
                    Need I say more?


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                      Since it seems most breakfast foods are grain based, I've had to expand my horizons. It doesn't bother me much at all. I had steak for breakfast.


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                        I've always enjoyed non-breakfast foods for breakfast.

                        You know, since I've been primal I've realized what the appeal was of all those grains: convenience.
                        Cereal, pasta, sandwiches - they can all be made quickly. I don't miss any of 'em.


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                          Bread and grains don't even taste good unless you put some fat on them, or alternately, something sweet, or preferably both. So I don't miss them either.

                          I'm never hungry until after I've been up for a couple hours, which is the same as before I went "primal." But once I get hungry, usually around 10:30 or so, a handful of nuts does the trick, or maybe a banana (I live in FL, grow them in my backyard, so they must be primal!). But yeah, I"m fine with leftovers, or whatever's in the fridge, for breakfast.

                          Now for lunch, that's when an omelet is nice!


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                            Originally posted by Sam Cree View Post
                            Bread and grains don't even taste good unless you put some fat on them, or alternately, something sweet, or preferably both. So I don't miss them either.
                            Exactly! Grains are merely an extremely bland sauce/fat/flavor delivery device!
                            The more I see the less I know for sure.
                            -John Lennon


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                              I deliberately cook too much for dinner so I can have leftovers for breakfast. Focus on leftovers is for convenience only. The microwave is no good for cooking so this is its chance to shine.

                              Never understood why people think one can only eat specific foods for breakfast. Nasi lemak (minus the nasi) is an excellent breakfast
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