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I've Been Fighting It For SO LONG

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  • I've Been Fighting It For SO LONG

    My son is seven months old and until this week we had a bitch of a time getting him to sleep every night. EVERY NIGHT was this huge ordeal unless I breastfed him down. We cosleep so this meant my husband and I wouldn't get any sleep for ourselves until the baby was nice and calm and quiet.

    Then, for some reason, this week it hits me...
    I've been raising my kiddo like Grok would with one major exception.

    We keep lights on at night.
    And when we slept in the basement he wouldn't get up until the dim-dim-dim natural light reached us.

    So... (processing, processing, hamster collapses...)
    What if I don't turn on any electric lights at night? His playroom/our new bedroom (early crawler + cosleeping = mattress on floor) doesn't have blinds and he's been getting up at dawn.

    I started the experiment on Monday.
    Every night this week so far, right around sunset he starts fussing. I breastfeed him to drowsiness, then lay him on the floor next to the mattress, where he crawls around for a little while, grump-fuss-grump-fuss-grump-fuss.... ZONK.
    Out like a light, right around the time the night really falls. Face-down, on the carpet, mouth open, drooling... It's AMAZING.

    I just wish I'd thought of this sooner.
    I will happily live by the light of my cell phone for the next three years if I need to.

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    That's neat


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      that's is wonderful for you guys and very interesting evidence for us


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        No offense or nothing, but who can sleep with the light on despite age? or who likes to for that matter?

        Still, good to see YOU will be getting some sleep now too...
        I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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          I think she meant lights on before bedtime, not while sleeping?


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            We tried every last thing with my oldest - even no overhead lights past 6pm, and she would still never go to sleep on her own. I used to feed her then wait 20 mintues, then very carefully put her down. If she woke up, you would have to walk with her and sing until she fell asleep again We finally sleep trained her at 18 months or so, and though most books say it takes 2-3 days, she had blood-curdling screams for two weeks, but we were all pretty desperate. Plus it wasn't really an option to co-sleep because she would wake up if you moved or made any noise. Even now she cries about every other night and every nap time and she's three. She's very stubborn. Her little sister was a natural sleeper, no training required. Does all the naps just like in the books.


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              Lights before bedtime. Now he goes down easily when the sun does. It'll be the easiest bedtime routine ever if he keeps it up: "No honey, the sun's gone to bed, time for little guys to go to bed too."