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sesamoiditus and VFFs

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  • sesamoiditus and VFFs


    I just bought a pair of VFFs, I am loving them except the fact that they aggravate my sesamoid in my left foot. The sesamoids are two pea sized bones in the tendon on the ball of your foot.

    I may have had a fracture years ago, and I've felt pain there ever since. I finally wised up earlier this year and went to the podiatrist who gave me a shot of cortizone, and a foot insert for my shoe- not helpful for long. Online I've found that the only treatment that doctors suggest is rest for 6 weeks in a cast (maybe it will heal), custom foot orthodics (forever), or taking a chance at surgery (which most people say will just make it worse).

    I am lost at what to do. I totally agree that barefoot and VFFs are going to strengthen my feet and prevent other injuries, and I prefer them, BUT it seems like its going to continue aggravating my sesamoid unless I get it fixed somehow. I want to be able to Crossfit and run without pain!

    Does anyone have any experience with this (sesamoiditus and VFF/barefoot running)? What about other treatments such as acupuncture? I would love any help!