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    You sound like you may have been sort of skinny fat to begin not really much muscle underneath. You've got to remember that muscle is six times heavier than fat so it only take a little muscle growth ie 1/2 an inch on your pecs or something to be the equivalent of quite a bit of fat lost. I once worked with a woman who although really slim was shocked to find her body weight was 33% fat. She never exercised and starved herself to stay thin.

    eg in volume of say 1 pint of muscle put on is the equivalent of 6 pints volume of fat lost.

    You've obviously built muscle mass equivalent in weight to the fat you've lost. The key to seeing that is those Don't worry when your muscles get to a point your body is happy with that growth will slow and as you keep losing fat the scales will start dropping.


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      Some things that helped me were, giving up coffee- when I did that I lot 5 pounds in one week! Less carbs, more protein.

      My MDA journal

      Primal Ponderings- my blog- finally added some food pron :P

      And best of all my Body Fat Makeover!!


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        Lots of good advice here!

        I would just like to add, it never helps to compare yourself to others... and MEN in particular seem to have it really easy for weight loss! Don't try to compete with your husband on this one!

        Good luck!


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          you're losing inches so right now the number on the scale is just that; a NUMBER
          yeah you are

          Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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            Thank you so much for all the replies guys, I really appreciate the comments and suggestions! I do appreciate that losing those inches was a good move in the right direction and I'm going to try and relax a little about the bloody number on the scales But I do feel like things could be moving faster and, as some of you have said, it's probably the case that 80/20 would be perfect for me if I were maintaining but not while I'm still trying to lose a bit. So I've decided to go for three weeks completely clean food-wise (no cheats, no wine, and even keep the fruit etc right down), putting everything into one of those diet analyser things, and also to try and change up the exercise and get more sleep. We'll see where I get to with that.

            The hubbie is already planning a special primal treat for next Friday and says he will stay off the beer in solidarity - awww

            Thanks again for all the replies - great support here!


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              Throw away your scale, seriously. You may not have lost weight, but FOUR inches off the waist? You're doing it right.


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                Also consider getting your thyroid function checked.
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                  If I had to guess, I'd say that you're highly gluten and/or dairy intolerant, and your husband isn't. If I ate pizza and drank wine once a week I'd never lose weight either. From water retention if nothing else. I know it seems harmless, and for many people it probably is, but from experience I can tell you that I'm in the same boat with you.