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    On one other paleo groups, someone posted a youtube clip of Jack Lalanne from his 60's B/W TV show talking about the epidemic of sugaraholics. I went a looked at one his other videos and one was on his meal plans. Amazing, except for the few items avoided in the primal eating, he was right on the mark. Emphasis on big salads, meat, vegetables, and fruits. No 6-11 servings of whole grains, one at breakfast.

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    youtube jack lalanne press up, they are impressive too!

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      yup he was really ahead of his time! I dunno if I would call him primal, but he really wanted people to cut out anything processed! He was one of my grandfathers role models. But I think he is a vegetarian these days!


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        I love that guy. I hope to be doing half as well when I'm his age. Hell, I'm hoping to make it to his age.


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          I spent ages one day just watching all of his motivational videos... good stuff.
          The Primal Journey of Mr and Mrs Fist


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            I love his show, and the 50s mentality. If I say that grains and beans are for sissies and foreigners these days nobody knows wtf I'm on about, but back then it was a damn fact, gosh darnit.
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              He lives down the street from my brother in MOrro Bay, CA. He's a funny guy. Still trying to pick up the ladies at the bar on Sunday afternoons. The waitresses all have marriage proposals many times over. He's a crack up, a new joke every time you see him.