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  • Oesteoporosis

    Hi all,

    so my Mum has Oesteoporosis and is starting on the primal way of life.
    I know that Mark did a small piece on here recently but I wonder if anyone has any first hand experience with Primal helping or any tips on supplements.
    She has started taking B12 and Vitamin D and is starting to feel better. She still doesnt eat a lot of protein for my liking but is eating whole foods now. The bread is proving hard to give up but baby steps.
    She gets really stiff pain and cant move but refuses the steroids.

    Any thoughts or pointers will be gratefully appreciated.

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    This thread has some great info. While the issues aren't exactly the same, the fix *is* exactly the same.

    Here is the vitamin d thread:

    She likely needs 1000 IU D3 per 25 lbs body weight per day to maintain optimal D levels. Taking 4x that for a month is a very good idea to quickly replete levels. Please see my D doc - linked below - for very specific information regarding D testing, treatment and levels.

    Some K2 is also a great idea. You can read more about K2 on wholehealthsource - Stephan's blog. A quick google should bring it up.


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      Has she had her B12 and D levels tested? I would not supplement without testing first.

      Most likely her D is low, most are, and she would need to supplement to raise it. I was taking 4,000 IU daily, but my level went up very slowly, so I've increased to 6,000. Does she supplement with calcium? There's some research that strontium (along with adquate calcium and D) will build bone, and I've added strontium.

      I don't understand the comment about 'steriods.' I've never known them to be used for osteoporosis.


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        Thank you Cillakat - i will take a look and pas on your links. Much, much appreciated

        Emmie - thanks for your thoughts also - I will pass these on to my Mum. Yes, they wanted to put her on steroids though I will have to ask her again what for. She refuses to take medication of any kind and they seem quite keen to push them onto her. She is a bit like me in that she would rather try natural means first although at times the pain has been quite bad.

        Thanks again,



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          Boron is another co-factor she needs. Be sure to get magnesium with the calcium. And don't let her overdo B12 without getting her Folic Acid, too.

          Cillakat's material and links are excellent. Good luck to her.


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            The steroids are not to treast osteoporosis, steriods actually contribute to osteoporosis and bone loss. The steroids are most likely to counteract her inflammation and stiffness. Good for her for refusing them. Eating grains actively impedes absorption of calcium. If she has any level of gluten intolerance, osteorporosis is a common long term side effect due to damage to the intestinal villi causing impaired mineral absorption. The best reason to give up the grains is to improve absorption of minerals, including calcium, from the digestive tract. One of the reasons I am doing primal is to prevent osteoporosis, since I am a slightly built woman entering menopause and it runs in my family.


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              Chances are that in the UK, it'll be nearly impossible to get her D levels tested but at those latitudes, it's absolutely reasonable to assume severe deficiency.

              In theory though, I think everyone should know their 25(OH)D level. Everyone. Everywhere.


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