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    I read the article on making a perfect steak.

    There is another way to light the charcoal which doesn't require lighter fluid.

    You use one of these:


    The only disadvantage to using one of these Electric Charcoal starter is if you have your BBQ in a park or somewhere where there is no electrical outlet.

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    I use a flue can with news paper at the bottom. I can taste lighter fluid and I just found out two weeks ago that I can also taste it when propane is used to start the charcoal.


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      I have never tasted the lighter fluid, nor has anyone in my family ever mentioned tasting it. If you cook the food too soon and not let the coals burn off the fluid, then I am sure it would have a taste. I never remember my dad's grilling taste like lighter fluid either. Maybe I am desensitized to it. :-)


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        I use a chimney, too. Mostly because it's one less thing to run out of.


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          I learned a cool tip for chimney starters from Alton Brown. Spritz cooking oil on a sheet of newspaper and use that to light the charcoal in the chimney.
          The oiled newspaper acts like a candle and burns much slower, getting the charcoal really hot, really fast.
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