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    Hi, I am new to MDA... actually I have been reading about it for a few months now. Recently, I read a quote, (I think on this site) that I want to reread... it was good... it went something like this..."If a very large person works out very hard and continues to eat very large meals, then that person will still be a very large "fit" person." This was referring to our nutrition being 80% of our success. Does anyone remember seeing this and what exactly did it say?

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    Well, I just did a google search of that exact quote, and the only result that came up is your question
    Not very helpful, I know...


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      I vaguely remember that. It's certainly true that you can exercise like a fiend, eat a ton of crap, and still have too much fat - trust me!
      The Primal Journey of Mr and Mrs Fist


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        I started going to the gym about a year ago doing the '300' type workouts and am actually very fit. But in the last year I never lost any weight until about 4 weeks ago I went primal and now have lost 6 kilos.


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          if you'd like to see a good example of overweight people who are are fit, go to a race. the people on the starting line might have very little body fat, but you can count on plenty of overweight runners, bikers and triathletes at any race. their training makes them able to handle the workout, but it's not necessarily going to make them thinner if they aren't eating correctly.


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            Though I don't care to bag on CW often, I think the absurd calorie counts you'll see recommended by adherents to it are insane. A sedentary 32 year old 260 lb male lardass doesn't need 3500 cals of food a day "just to maintain."


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              Thanks for the replies. I think I just remembered where I saw the quote... It was actually on another website about nutrition... Mike Geary...thetruthaboutabs... but I can't find it there either... Well, anyway, it makes so much sense that I would love to post it someplace to help me remember...
              I just ate a delicious bowl of soup that I made a couple of days ago... all fresh veggies-fresh tomatoes, fresh corn that I had cut from the cob, cilantro, celery, onion, garlic and then some chicken broth from a carton.. Well, I was eating and enjoying and all of a sudden I saw something in my soup that looked like a slice of a mushroom cap, but I knew I hadn't put in any mushrooms... I took it out and examined it more closely...ITLOOKS LIKE A WORM!!!! AGHHH where could it have come from? Maybe a type of grub worm from my corn?? YUK!!!!Well, I guess this is primal eating at its best????!!! HAHA