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Japanese Steakhouse fun

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  • Japanese Steakhouse fun

    My Mom invited my family out to eat at a Japanese Steakhouse. Her birthday was Tuesday, my son's and mine are both next week. So, she wanted to get together to eat to celebrate all three.

    I know these places fry up a ton of rice, so I was prepared. Of course, since the cook thought today was actually my birthday, he called the mound of rice on the grill 'birthday cake'. He sliced it up and tried to serve it to me. I had to be quick cause he certainly was. When I denied the offering, he was like, "What? you don't like rice? But, it's healthy." I just told him no thanks. Everyone else was happy to have my portion.

    When he was asking us how we wanted our ribeyes. I told him I wanted mine rare and he gave me the raised eyebrow. Both my kids asked for medium rare and he asked if we wanted a side of blood with it. As he started slicing and dicing, I told him he could do me a favor. I asked him to give me the fat from everyone's steak when he started trimming them. It wasn't very much, but I wanted it. He chuckled and said that he was told to trim it and scrap it unless someone asked for it. He was happy to give it to me, but of course he said it was healthy, too. He said it goes straight to the heart. I think that was his jab at me.

    Thought I would share.
    Started my journey on May 22, 2010:

    Beginning weight ~180
    Current weight ~145

    Nov. 9, 2009........Nov. 9, 2010.....Jun. 17, 2011
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    HDL 39................HDL 66..............HDL 95
    TGL 154..............TGL 77..............TGL 49

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    haha Korea is the same way. Everything is "healthy" oops, I mean "good for health". Love it.