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Ordering Mark's book today... now tell me...

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  • Ordering Mark's book today... now tell me...

    Well after all i've read & learned on this site I definitely *NEED* Mark's book.. i'm feeling fabulous and I know i'll learn much more with the book in my hands!

    My question.. do I order the recipe book as well? I don't eat fish (allergy) so those recipes would go untouched, and i'm "iffy" on coconut after having it lately... may have a slight allergy to that too. *sigh*

    If you own the book do you use it often?


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    There are lots of recipes here on the website, and lots of other Primal recipes on other blogs. Plus, Primal cooking can me very simple; I hardly ever use recipes. I do have Mark's cookbook and think it's very good. The recipes I've tried from it have been quite good. That said, I just don't use any cookbooks very often.
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      I don't have the cookbook (but do plan on getting it). There are lots of recipes to be found here and on other sites. Just google Primal or paleo recipes.