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New to PB - Noticing my sleep is a bit off

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  • New to PB - Noticing my sleep is a bit off

    Started PB over the weekend and the past two days I've noticed my sleep is starting to get wonky. I'm slowly eliminating gf grains, as I'm gluten intolerant. I've been GF for 5+yrs. Instead of having a gf grain/pasta 2x/day I'm cutting back to 1x/day, eventually I'll be 100% gf grain/past free. I'm shooting for the 80% rule while I'm converting to PB. I'm also nursing a 6mth old (I do have to take a galactagogue (Domperidone) to help maintain my milk production as I have PCOS). I've noticed that I'm more awake during the day and I feel sharp (even when stuck on boring all day teleconfrences). before switching to PB, I'd fall asleep nursing my son at his bedtime at 8pm - then wake up at 10, get the kids stuff ready for the next day w/DH's help, then go to bed w/o a hitch. Now I'm not falling asleep when I nurse my son, and when I turn in at night around 10/1030 I'm wide awake. My son nurses through out the night -but I'm used to that. I wake up in the am btwn 630-7am w/o an alarm, and I'm feeling rested.

    Here's an example of an day of eating:
    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 3oz (give or take) of organic cheese, hand-full of leafy greens wilted in pan b4 adding eggs and cheese.
    1 wfm chicken breakfast sausage
    2 c coffee w/goats milk & caramel coffee flavor (working on reducing the flavoring)

    Snack: 20-40 walnut halves, 4 oz of cheese, dried fruit (apricots/plums)

    Lunch: 6oz of canned tuna, mixed up w/ 1&1/2 Tbs of Veginase, Tbs of mustard, 1/2c of celery, 1/2c of onions, 1/2c of dried cranberries over 2c of leafy greens

    snack: 1apple w/ almond butter

    Dinner: 2c leafy greens, with carrots, celery, onions, avocado w/ homemade mustard/agave/olive oil dressing. & 6oz pork chop & 1/2c of brown rice w/ghee

    I'm drinking H2O all day

    What could cause the sudden sleep problems? I'm going to go to the Chiropractor tomorrow for an adjustment to ensure I'm not out.

    For exercise I'm doing a modified P90x, running on the cardio days (I'm a slow runner) I try to keep my HR around 135bmp (my max hr is around 185bpm) when I do my cardio - though the hills in my neighborhood spike too 145/150 if I try running too fast up them, so I just slow it down. I take 45-50min to run my 5k route w/has 3 big hills b/c of my neighborhood. I'm on week 9 of P90X and I've lost 13lbs of baby weight (from current baby) so far before modifying my CW diet to PB, I still have another 43lbs to go (20lbs is from 1st baby & the rest is just CW weight) I'm not asking for miracles w/the weight loss - I'm looking for health.

    Thanks for any insight...
    The most depraved type of human being is the man without a purpose. ~ Ayn Rand
    What's your purpose? Mine is Optimal Health.

    Converted to PB November 2010
    SW 190lb
    Leptin Reset Redux (1Sep 2011) SW 170lbs
    25 Sep 2011 160lbs
    1 Dec 2011 158lbs!
    GW ~135lbs
    Mother of 2, and wife to a kick ass husband...trying to contain chaos and havoc on a daily basis

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    People here who know me will jump on me for some of this, but I'm gonna say it anyway...

    1) You will notice your sleep is off because it's all part of your body adjusting to life without grains.
    2) EAT MORE EGGS!! LOTS AND LOTS MORE EGGS!!! Eggs are what I would term the 'Platinum Standard' both in terms of protein:fat ratio and in terms of bioavailability.
    3) Tuna isn't, as I've learnt (there are some VERY knowledgeable folk here) the best food to be eating (top predators tend to accumulate the toxins consumed by their prey (at least I believe that to be the reason, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong)
    4) I didn't have the foggiest what Vegenase was (we don't have such a thing over here) so I had to Google it - and, ye gads, it's evil stuff! The ingredients I'm about to list are things you shouldn't be allowing to enter your body: -

    Canola oil (see Mark's blog entry on (un)healthy oils here
    Brown Rice Syrup (It's a syrup. From a grain. 'Nuff said.)
    Soy Protein (soy is toxic in so, many, many ways, not least in that it can cause thyroid issues (particularly, it would appear, in us lasses) See Mark's blog article scrutinising soy here

    5) Are you 100% certain that sausage is free from 'fillers' (oatmeal, and 'rusk' (basically wheat-flour and oatmeal))?

    6) If you want a caramel like flavour in your coffee, then try SweetLeaf's English Toffee flavoured liquid stevia. I'm an addict. It's not bitter like many stevias - I have it mixed in with my Fage every single day. I buy it from iHerb. Oh and talking of sweeteners, you might want to think about ditching the agave, it's not as squeaky clean as they'd have you believe.

    7) Again, I'm sure you know this, but ditch the rice.

    9) I don't see much animal flesh there (apart from the chicken sausage and pork chop) - don't you eat meat? (I didn't used to (that sounds badly worded, sorry!) but I am thinking about introducing it again, especially as I've learnt some things about some of the fish I've been eating.

    10) I'm trying to reduce my consumption of hard cheeses (I'm down to about 30g a day of Cheddar) because I feel crappy and bloated all the time, and I'm wondering if it's the cheese (and the fish) that are doing this to me.

    11) Just noticed you have PCOS (I do too!) this is a VERY strong reason for eliminating ALL soy from your life. Soy can exacerbate PCOS symptoms (I found that, when I quit the soy milk, my facial hair reduced by about 75%). Honestly, ditch it - it has NOTHING good going for it whatsoever.

    12) Why are you "drinking H2O all day"...? Sounds like you're still slave to that old CW myth that we need to drink at least 8 8oz glasses of water a day. It's nonsense. Your body is very good at regulating its water levels; there is an ad (though I forget what for - probably Lucozade/Gatorade or some such sports drink) which has the slogan "Be guided by your thirst" or "Let your thirst guide you" something like that - and that's very true for water. If you're thirsty, drink. If you're not, don't. Drinking more water than you need can actually do you more harm than good.

    I will now point you to NaiadKnight's PB for Newbies guide in the Nutrition section. Read it. She makes very good sense that lass. It should be stickied - I've no idea why it isn't - it keeps disappearing so, if you can't find it, search for it (though I believe she now carries a link to it in her sig).

    Finally, what supps are you taking? You should be taking a high-quality multivit, a probiotic and vitamin D (that's D3, which is natural, NOT D2, which isn't) as a minimum. For excellent advice on supplementation, seek out any post by CillaKat and read the articles in her sig. She knows her stuff, that lass.

    Right that's the end of my rubbish. People'll be along shortly to critique (or rather criticise!) what I've written...

    Good luck!

    Sarah xxx
    La tristesse durera toujours...


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      My answer is a bit anecdotal -- I feel that when I first enter ketosis I have a bit of trouble falling asleep and then staying asleep. It generally passes, but I do tend to feel more rested off of less sleep. Your carb count might still be a little high, so that may not be the case.

      You also have to realize, depending on what you were eating before, this may be a huge dietary change for your body, albeit good. Any major change will be seen as a stressor to the body and it may take a little bit of time for your body to settle and feel good.

      SV definitely covered all the bases there in terms of ways you can clean up your diet (e.g. ditch veganaise and rice, more meat). If you enjoy fruit, I would suggest moving from dried fruit to actual fruit.
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        thanks so much, please ensure I have taken no offense to your words. I was trying to give an example of what I've been eating - to see where I could make improvements. And you have given me some good info, while explaining why my sleep is wonky...

        Let me try to answer your questions -by number
        1. sleep - I figured it might be a side effect of reducing my grain consumption...but wasn't 100% sure....
        2. egg are not my most favourite foods, but I'm trying to add them to my "routine" 2eggs a day is lot for me - when I normally wouldn't eat more than 2/week
        3. I limit my tuna to 1-2x/week total, I'll do some research and figure out if we're going to keep it in our diet - its also very affordable as our food budget is tight - it may not be the best but its one thing we can afford.
        4. Vegenase - is my substitute for mayo - which I absolutely hate. I don't use it that often, and I can learn how to eliminate it.
        5. sausage - is gf and free of fillers - as its made fresh from ground ckn at my local WFM (wouldn't buy it or be able to eat it otherwise)
        6. Thanks for the tip on the flavour... I'll see if WFM has it, and thanks for the info on agave - In gf baking its used as a humectrant - obviously gf baking will be making its way out of my life.
        7. rice - I'm slowly transitioning from eating gf grains/pastas/breads from 2x/day to 1x/day, and then will slowly move to eliminating 100% of grains.
        8. Yes I do eat meat, grilling, baking, broiling, searing and slow cooking are a massive part of my diet. I'm guessing by your response I should be eating more meat during the day???
        9. Cheese - I'm not ready to give it up just yet - but will consider it as I get further down the PB - I'm transitioning slowly since I'm still nursing.
        10. Soy - I don't consume soy on a regular basis, with the exception when I consume the vegenase.
        11. Water - When I'm nursing I'm always thirsty. I always drink to thirst. It just maybe the nursing IDK.

        When we can afford it we buy our meats from WFM (which isn't very often these days)- but most of the time we buy from Clubhouses. We buy the free range/organic/grass feed/ hormone free/antibiotic free when they have it...

        We buy organic fruits/veggies when we can as well, are part of a community supported agriculture, and we have our own vegetable garden - our winter greens are just sprouting, and it looks like we'll have a good crop of kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, buckwheat greens, and radishes. (we're hoping or mixed lettuce sprouts as well)

        For supplements I'm taking Innate baby&me trimester3/post partum vitamins, Life Essentials Omega 3 HPD (450-330 Ration of EPA to DHA), and Life Essentials 5000 IU Vitamin D3.

        Can you (or any other woman who might be nursing) give a good example of what your daily meals look like? That would be a great jumping off point for me to ensure I'm trying to get in the right mix of protein/veggies/fruits/fats...
        The most depraved type of human being is the man without a purpose. ~ Ayn Rand
        What's your purpose? Mine is Optimal Health.

        Converted to PB November 2010
        SW 190lb
        Leptin Reset Redux (1Sep 2011) SW 170lbs
        25 Sep 2011 160lbs
        1 Dec 2011 158lbs!
        GW ~135lbs
        Mother of 2, and wife to a kick ass husband...trying to contain chaos and havoc on a daily basis

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          I can't wade through all of this, because I'm knackered, but I just wanted to say one thing: - DITCH THE MAYO!! You don't need it (and when you see the ingredients, you won't want it either!)

          99% of commercial mayos are made with one - or sometimes more - of the following oils: -


          ALL of which are evil.

          Fatty cuts of meat should be the mainstay (along with veggies, yes). I don't eat much meat because it doesn't really represent good fat to protein ratio (unless you eat steak which I can't afford). If I ate more meat, I'd easily be getting about 50% of my calories (or more!) from protein. I tend to eat a lot of eggs and dairy. DO NOT use me as a good example (or any kind of example come to that!)

          You're not taking a probiotic, I notice - you really should.


          I can't answer your last question as I'm completely sterile. I only have one ovary (had the other removed in '05 because it was attached to a watermelon sized cyst) and the one I have got fires blanks most of the time.

          Right I'm going to bed and I'll leave you to the more intelligent folk inhabiting this forum.

          La tristesse durera toujours...