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  • off topic- Teeth whitening

    Hi guys. I got my teeth whitened this morning. I'm in agony this is seriously the worst pain I've ever been in. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm just wondering how long this will last for.

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    Wow, seriously? I guess I'm scratching that off my "to do" list!


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      I had it done at my dentist and dont recall discomfort of that intensity. Call your dentist!


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        This is the third time I've whitened mine. The first time was using peroxide gel at night in a mold of my teeth. Second time was using zoom laser whitening, this time it's laser whitening again but it isn't the Zoom brand.

        It hurts like hell. I am dosed up on codeine. My tummy tuck was a breeze compared to this.


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          chew gum? that helped me back in highschool when i had braces. (hurts when they "tighten them up")


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            My cousin who is a dentist and I have discussed this whole issue and it is a bit of a racket for them. You would not believe the profit involved. If the office pushes it they can easily gross a quarter of a million/year just on whitening. I think too many dentists have let their judgement be clouded in pursuit of these profits.

            Your dentist was a little too aggressive and with this being the 3rd time you might be overdoing it as well. I would find someone more conservative.
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              It wasn't the same dentist doing all three treatments- I had them done in different places over a four year period.

              Luckily the pain has gone now.


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                Two years ago I used zoom laser for teeths whitening and I remember that only 1 teeth was painful and it was lasting about a day. Maybe you did a mistake by using laser whitening which was not zoom...or maybe you just overwhitened your teeths.. I hope your teeths will be ok