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    Originally posted by tommy70817 View Post
    Now, to prevent another exposure remember the rule I learned as a Scout. "Leaves of three, let it be."
    My dad taught me that growing up-- and throughout my entire life I had thought that this ( ) was poison ivy! I just found out its giant ragweed. bad for allergies, but my aversion was probably a bit over-strong
    Little Saiyan


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      I had a bad bout of poison ivy last year. It is caused by urushiol oil. Once the oil is washed off it will not continue to "spread" It may appear to as rash appearance is directly related to concentration of the oil and sensitivity of your skin in any given area. Because of this it appears to spread in scratch patterns radiating from the initial contact point.

      Tecnu is good stuff for washing away urushiol oil. To limit the potential for spreading; Make sure you completely wash your body, clothes, bed linen, and anything that may have come in contact with the oil either directly from the plant or from your body. Unfortunately the oil stays viable for an incredibly long time. All you can really do other than that is to let it run its course and avoid scratching, because that can cause infection.

      I did get it on my face. The whole incident was my own stupidity and the red splotches clashed with my business suit and gold tie.

      Good luck


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        To relieve the tenderness and itching have a luke warm (not hot!) bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil and a couple handfuls of ground up dry oatmeal (although being primal you may need to go out and buy some, since you probably won't have any in your cupboards). This combination has a general calming and soothing effect for irritated skin. I know it sounds simple but it will give you at least a few hours of respite, helpful just before you go to bed so you can relax enough to fall asleep without the irritation of your skin keeping you awake.
        Lotions like Aveeno with oatmeal help a bit, it keeps the skin from being dried out and the itching intensifying. My grandfather always swore that the best thing to do was stand over a basin and repeatedly pour cold whole milk or cream over the area of the rash. He said it neutralized the oil in the plant that caused the reaction in the first place. I remember him doing this to my cousins after they walked through a patch of poison ivy but I was very young at the time.
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          Originally posted by Fideo View Post
          Unfortunately the oil stays viable for an incredibly long time.

          Oil stability where we DON'T want it XD!

          Leanne - that sounds great! I wonder why the oatmeal works.
          Thanks everyone for your help. Its getting better and the most obvious leper-patches on my neck have subsided enough to not look frightening!
          Little Saiyan


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            How did Grok survive? Simple, find the human that's immune and have them take point! My dad is immune, I'm immune and two of my three kids are immune to both Poison Ivy and Poison Oak. We always make out like bandits when Blackberry season in the Sierra Nevadas rolls around. We can go where no one else can go and where there are still scads of berries!

            As noted, Oatmeal seems to work rather well.


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              I thought that every time you came into contact with it it worsened...???
              Little Saiyan