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  • I made it....

    through Halloween for the first time in my life without candy or sugar of any kind!

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    Congratulations, me too. It was harder than I care to admin though, with all that candy around.


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      Good for you -I had some dark chocolate and I'm sitting on my hands not to stuff my face with the leftovers.
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        I have failed. I should have eaten dinner before we went trick or treating, the candy was too big of a temptation when we started sorting it out.


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          Thanks, this is a big deal for me. I'm single with no children so I left the house and went shopping all day. I avoided going anywhere that might sell the evil stuff.


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            Me Too!!! Almost...I had Dark Chocolate...

            Of course I avoided it by not buying any

            We never have kids here for Halloween. Never. We live out in the country, in an older, dark house on a gravel road. We would always take our kids trick or treating and leave a bowl of mini chocolate bars out on the deck with a jack o lantern and the light on. We would always come home and the bowl would still be full.

            And we would eat the chocolate.

            So this year I decided that I would NOT buy any Halloween chocolate. Guess what?
            Yup, we got Trick or Treaters! 5 of them! They got cookies…

            I did have some Dark Chocolate in the house, but that was for me
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              Me too. Didn't even feel slightly tempted.

              The naan bread at the Indian restaurant was much more tempting, but I only had a mouthful of that too.

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                I missed that claim by 2 mini milk chcolates and a cookies and cream mini. I'm still proud of myself, because normally I'd've polished off a bag by myself.
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                  Me too. Didn't even feel slightly tempted.

                  Since going Primal my desire for sweets has almost completely disappeared.
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                    Good work, everyone. I ate a ton of candy this weekend.