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Frustrated Trying to Fit VFFs - Are they just not for me?

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  • Frustrated Trying to Fit VFFs - Are they just not for me?

    Hey gang! I have been wearing Sprint and Classic VFFs for a few months now. I ordered my first pair (Classics) online. Before ordering, I measured and ordered the corresponding size (a size 41). When I was on vacation this summer, I went to a store that sold VFFs in Atlanta. They also measured me as a 41. I bought my Sprints. In both shoes, in order for my toes to be all the way up (at least my big and pinky toes), the heel does not sit all the way to the back. My three middle toes must be really short because I never get them to reach the top. Should I have room in the back? I keep reading they should fit almost like socks with no gaps.

    Now, on to my new pair I just received today. I ordered and received a size 40 Bikila. The heel sits GREAT, the big toe and pinky are to the top of their "sockets." However, the "webbing" between the toes doesn't reach the "webbing" between my toes. It is maybe 1/4 or maybe a little more above where it should be.

    I realize it is absolutely essential to get the fit right. I wonder if I just have weird feet and VFFs are just not for me? It seems I cannot get both heel all the way to the back AND toes fitting completely in the socket. Is there such a thing as the "perfect" fit? Anyone else experiencing this issue? I love walking in them and the feel of being (almost) barefoot. However, I am getting REALLY frustrated that the fit just isn't quite right! Suggestions?


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    i have sprints & bikilas too (39 & 38, respectively). I don't think they fit me EXACTLY like sox either - there's the teeniest bit of "wiggle" room in the toes. But in usage, I don't notice it. I guess you're noticing some slipping or something? If you're getting blisters, then they're probably not for you.

    Personally, i don't really like my sprints. With all those velcro straps, i tend to fit them too tightly. The bikilas are perfect, i luv them!

    i tried to get my husband to get a pair. We went to REI to try some on. He has really wide feet & somewhat large-ish toes. It was almost comical how obvious it was that the VFFs were just NOT gonna work for him.


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      With my Classics, I definitely notice slipping in the back. I don't necessarily notice it with the Sprints but there is a good half inch or more of extra heel at the back. With the Bikila's, it feels uncomfortable at the toes because the in-between bit doesn't reach down to the in-between bit of my toes. My husband said that part of the shoe is called "webbing" which is why I used that word. Personally, I think it sounds like I have webbed feet!!! Maybe I need to get the next size up of Bikilas so that the "webbing" gets to the bottom of my toes. However, then there will be a gap at the heel. If you say you don't notice it when walking or running in them, I might have to try it out. I am going to explore a couple of the stores taht sell the shoes in my area and try them on in person. No more of this online stuff!! Thank you for your input. It is much appreciated.



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        The webbing on my classics doesn't reach all the way in between my toes. I think it would be annoying if it did. Maybe they're designed this way on purpose.


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          I had similar issues when I first bought VFF - I bought the Bilka in the 38 and they didn't fit quite right so I sent them back...about 2mths later I decided to try again & I bought both a 37 and 38 - I found in the Bilka the 37s fit better... Now I just need to send the 38's back.. From what I understand - the Bilkas run closer to your true size than the classics or sprint. in regular shoes I'm a 37, and the same goes for the VFF (Though for traditional running shoes I'm a 38) Hope this makes sense....
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            I had issues with VFF and decided they weren't for me- I was so bummed out. A few companies are coming out with similar and I am hoping those fit my foot better.


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              I'm with Primallady on this one, VFF's don't do it for me, Vivo Barefoot Aqua's are as good and look less ridiculous - granted I had to go to London to get a pair. I use 'em for runnin, jumping, lifting everything really. Before that Nike Free 3.0, greatest trainer I ever had, comfy, different enough, and really durable, 6 months of constant everyday use - and no stupid toe fit issues.

              Vibrams are great, but not the be all and end all.