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Calling all Grok-stars for a Houston get-together

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  • Calling all Grok-stars for a Houston get-together

    Hello all,
    I've been living in Denver, but just moved back, and thought it would be cool to connect with some Primal Blueprinters here in Bayou City.
    I was just thinking of a simple picnic, maybe in Terry Hershey park. Or Memorial Park. Their trails are pretty cool. Anyone of you who is more creative is welcome to suggest fun grok-like activities.
    I live on the west side, near Richmond and the Beltway and am ... working on increasing athleticism. I still have a long way to go. 33 year old woman.

    Anyone out there?

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    Hi, I am a 31yr old woman living close to Memorial Park. I have been primal for over a year and love it!! As far as increasing your athleticism I will preach Crossfit all day long. I was a former gym rat and recently converted to Crossfit, and have been doing that for 3 months. By far the most fun I have ever had working out, and I have been an athlete my entire life.

    While I tend to stay pretty busy I would definately make the time to meet ya for a walk at Memorial. I have tons of recipes and tons of tips I could share....and with I think the official arrival of fall what better time to be out and about!


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      I'm back in Houston soon to be retired from Uncle Sam, and am looking to either start a group or join one that is aimed towards CF, natural movement, or some sort of a combination of the two. If you know of anything, please let me know.


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        I would be willing to attend. Either park is fine with me. I'm on the Northwest side of town. 43yo female newbie.
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          I'm from Houston (Spring-Woodlands area) but spend most of my time overseas. If one of the meetings was at the same time as my home leave, I'd be happy to come.
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            I'm here in North Houston! Would love to hang out with some fellow Primal People...workout, cookout, whatever!


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              I would be interested in attending. 45yo Female, Newbie, Northwest Houston