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    Very new to primal -- probably just had my first 100% primal day.

    1. Eating enough: I'm coming off a restrictive low-fat VLC plan and find that I'm satisfied with less food than seems to be primal/recommended. I'm working my way up gradually to the recommended levels. At least I've already gone through the "low-carb flu" and the starchy- and sugary-carb "homesickness"

    2. Just thinking about lifting heavy things and sprinting: I don't think of myself as disciplined enough to push myself on these and to be consistent. All in good time, I guess. Do the food first and gradually work in more moving my body.

    3. Getting good quality sleep and enough of it (hoping eating more real food and moving more will make a difference here)
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      For me, the transition was pretty easy. But I made the change because I feel that SAD was destroying my health and quality of life. I've always been normal weight (slender-ish) but I developed an autoimmune disease. Once I read enough to link autoimmune diseases to leaky gut vis a vis grains/grain materials, it was all over but the crying.

      Still, my 3 biggest challenges:

      1) Getting enough iron. I mistakenly correlate protein sources as iron sources. Hmph. On SAD, I got my iron through fortified sources. Now, I have had to adjust my PB diet to almost require red meat once a day. Not always the easiest thing. I probably average 5 to 6 servings a week.

      2) Snacks. I don't eat fruit, but a little munchy here and there would be nice. I think I eat too many pork rinds as a result. I've taken to eating a full-size carrot once or twice a day. Snacks on a recent 2k mile road trip were difficult.

      3) Cost. I live alone and I make a decent living but I think this WOE would be cost prohibitive if I had a family and/or I was on a more meager budget.
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        1. My sweet tooth. It has subsided and changed and mellowed, but not disappeared. I remain tempted by pears, dark chocolate, Gran Marnier, etc. Not much by coke and cookies, though, actually.
        2. Alcohol. Everyone knows moderation and really cutting back the booze is best, but it's a personal challenge. Nothing to do with PB in a way, but a commitment to health has meant a big reduction in drinking.
        3. Social interactions. Some of the "wow you look great" conversations go great, others not so great. I'm tired of it actually. It's not my problem, not PB's problem, it's the world's problem, but it's still a problem.

        However it has been really a breeze relatively speaking. I am well on the way from "ooff" to "buff" and it hasn't been that hard. Tonight I had a bunch of broiled skirt steak fairly rare, a small amount of peeled roasted potatoes and onions. Didn't have any veg in the fridge, so sue me. I was so happy and satisfied. Love the PB, love it. Not gonna quit or backslide anytime soon.
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          1. The planning and time to cook most meals. It is difficult to find quality food near to work, and I used to be able to pick up a quick bite for lunch if I didn't bring from home. Now I have to plan, plan, plan or feel guilty for eating poor quality food.
          -solution--plan, plan, plan
          2. Miss the easy, familiar breaksfast of cereal and milk. I love variety, and I am not a big fan of eating the same thing all of the time. However, I always loved cereal and milk for breakfast. I could eat Grape-nuts or Uncle Sam's every day.
          --solution--still working on it. Eggs and higher protein breakfasts keep me full longer, but take more time and are not routine yet.
          4. Accepting that saturated fat is good. I have a degree in health education and have followed CW forever. Olive oil is good-bacon grease is bad. It is hard to really change that dynamic.
          --Good Calories, Bad Calories was helpful. But again, it is still a work in progress.
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            1. Having to cut back on carbs more than I would like. No biggie.
            That's about it. BUT . . . I am semi-retired so not much stress to push me to cheat.
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              1. getting over many years of ingrained CW that fat is bad
              2. having teenagers in the house who aren't on board. One is half way there, the other is a devoted carb fiend. I still buy some sourdough or rye bread, tortillas, breakfast cereal, rice. Granted he's eating a lot less of those and not complaining.
              3. incorporating all the PB particular sleeping enough, dealing with stress, and play.
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                1. Having to touch/cut/cook raw meat (I'm a former vegetarian).
                2. Having to learn to cook (in my 40s!).
                3. My entire schedule and daily routine had to shift around to accommodate all the time I now spend in the kitchen.
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                  1. My expectations. I've been doing this for a few months, and have lost about 8-10 lbs. I was hoping I'd have lost 3 times that much. And yet I can't quit, since I can RUN now (not just plodding and jogging along unhappily), my aches are disappearing, my sugar highs and lows, PMS, headaches and more--gone. And I feel great. I don't feel panicked if I don't eat...sometimes I just forget! That has NEVER happened before. I'm losing fat & gaining strength & muscle--but not in the miraculous, immediate transformation I was hoping for.
                  2. Chocolate. Could be contributing to the above mentioned slow weight loss. Or maybe it's what's making me stronger & faster.....hmmm.....
                  3. What to eat as a family. Steaks or chicken w/salad and veggies works for dinners. Packing lunches is frustrating. I tried making this: and it was amazing. I threw frozen meat from our grassfed cow in the crockpot, and a few hours later, dinner!


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                    1) Getting caught out of the house when hungry, food courts have nothing that is primal
                    2) Overthinking things, getting caught up with ratios, O6 - O3, fat/protein/carbs, minerals
                    3) Packed lunches for work

                    That being said, I love being primal, will never eat the Standard Australian Diet again and do not find that willpower is ever an issue, only convenience.
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                      1. Having to explain and justify why i won't eat certain foods to people who have no knowledge about nutrition / dealing with the weird looks when I decline a piece of cake or something and just sit there instead. Still don't have a good solution, I just live with it, and some people are starting to remember lol.

                      2. I recently moved out from my parents because they decided to move to Germany, so now I have a food budget. I'm spending way more money than they think I should, because I eat a lot and meat is expensive. My go to veggies are carrots and potatoes which are dirt cheap, but I'm just not satisfied without 1-2 pounds of meat a day. And then I spend some more on good supplements. There's not much I can do, except for calorie restriction lol.. I just try to spend less money on other things. Maybe it'll cut into my savings, but eating grains isn't worth it for any possible savings.

                      3. In addition to cooking times I tend to spend a LOT of time lurking on this forum and reading blogs and scientific studies and other stuff instead of doing my homework or something productive (I never really learn anything new anymore tbh). If I had solutions for these things they wouldn't really be problems, now would they ?

                      I don't think beginners have any big problems transitioning. They just want some encouragement and recognition, maybe some pity ^^. Theres no problem with this though, imo.


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                        Still quite new at this (6 weeks today):

                        1. Trying to incorporate variety in the primal diet. It dawned on me one morning that since I didn't want the routine egg omelet I'd been eating for over a month, I didn't have to. It's okay to eat a can of salmon at 6am if that's what you really want. (Who knew I'd ever crave such a thing so early in the morning?!!?) Diversifying my foods (coconut products, new vegetables I didn't used to eat, etc.) was lost on me for a little while. This segues into #2 I think:

                        2. Learning to listen to what my body really wants to eat versus what I think it should eat. If I go with what I'm really wanting initially (and I don't mean crap food), then I wind up with fewer binges. Like the omelet example above. So this involves letting go of the strict rules of CW and being more accepting and respectful of what my body is saying it needs. I guess learning to trust my body has been one of the hardest things to do. Still working on it.

                        3. Spending crazy amounts of time researching the primal lifestyle, reading blogs, studies, etc. Not good when you're trying to work on your graduate thesis. I have had to promise myself that I will not buy another primal-type book until I finish a portion of the schoolwork that's due this weekend. The fact that THAT is my motivator seems wrong, but whatever works!


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                          1) Working my diet around available meal plan options while on campus: the solutions was to get to know the cafeteria workers to get the biggest/freshest meats they had as well as extra for free; admittedly my options are very limited and lead toward a rather mundane and spartan diet, but it's worth it.

                          2) Winning my parents over: It was a little difficult at first, but after insisting long enough they broke down and just decided that as long as I am happy they don't care anymore.

                          3) Trying to explain my diet to others: still haven't really solved this one yet.
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                            1. Rooting through all the sub-par butchers and farm shops until we found 'the one' for us. Actually took quite a while. The farm shop we now frequent has great food, reasonable prices, and a talking labrador. What more do you want?
                            2. Finding something Primal that Wifey Fist can eat for breakfast during the week. This was initially quite tricky as she's a bit picky with breakfasts and hasn't got easy fridge access at school, but in the end we went with MDA forumite Queen Sheba's primal pancakes. Now W.F. has one near enough every day!
                            3. Thinking of three things for this list.
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                              1) Coming down off of "chronic cardio". I'm definitely not there yet and I struggle with keeping my heart rate down below 75% MHR. I really want to run but am giving it a month of low intensity (other than sprints).
                              2) Eating out with friends and not being able to choose the restaurant. I live in southern Missouri where we love our breading! Sometimes its hard to find anything that remotely looks healthy.


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                                Solution to eating out...

                                I can usually bully the restaurant into making what I want unless it's a barbeque place. Rarely is there anything there that's green. But, the plus side is that you can usually buy meat by the pound which is what I do without the sauce.