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Planning any Thanksgiving cheats?

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  • Planning any Thanksgiving cheats?

    I'm back on the band wagon tomorrow but I KNOW I'm gonna give in to my mothers home made bread at thanksgiving. What are your hold out favorites you plan on having?

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    Dad's homemade mac and cheese (gruyere, sharp cheddar, parmesan, and co-jack) and garlic smashed potatoes. I'll be able to avoid Paca's rolls and chocolate pie, and I'm taking a Primal apple pie.
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      Thankfully, I am not a big fan of Thanksgiving staples like stuffing. I do, however, LOVE mashed potatoes and corn. I think I am going to have a small spoonful of each and then pile the rest of my plate with turkey and tons of veggies.



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        I will be 'cheating' on Thanksgiving. I have to, it's my birthday too! I am not sure what I will choose to have but it will be something yummy. I am thinking I might make some jalapeno cheddar corn bread, I haven't had it in years and i love it. We do plan on cooking as primal as possible with one or two special things for the day.

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          I probably won't be...seeing as I have nowhere to go to lol! All of my family is on the other side of the country. So yeah, I'll probably be making myself a turkey breast, broccoli and maybe a baked potato.


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            Originally posted by carres1973 View Post
            I do, however, LOVE mashed potatoes and corn. I think I am going to have a small spoonful of each and then pile the rest of my plate with turkey and tons of veggies.
            No eat the pile of turkey and veggies first so that by the time you're done you will be too full to want the corn and potatoes! Don't tell yourself you can't have it, just trick yourself out of getting it lol!
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              last year I made a fantastic chocolate mousse pie. Mmmmm! It will be either that (which could potentially be less of a cheat) or apple pie with a lard crust. And maybe stuffing.
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                I don't like the word "cheat." I choose what to eat, and I try to make the best choices possible for my health. If I think I can allow myself some Thanksgiving stuffing or a dessert, I have it. If I decide that it's not good for me that particular day, I don't. I don't 'cheat' myself!


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                  I'm not sure if my "cheat" will be foods that are un-PB in every sense or just a ton of extra PB foods; I have already gotten the "And don't tell me you won't eat it" talk from my mom about pie, I told her I wanted Bacon for dessert.....mmmmmmm bacon
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                    WE PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS & GO FOR GO !

                    We be good again after Thanksgiving.

                    Grizz ;--))


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                      Thanksgiving is at my house, and I will likely eat turkey, couple veggie dishes (salad and something else), and maybe sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce if I make them.

                      My only 'cheat' will be I will make a dessert I can eat, probably a flourless chocolate cake I have made before that I LOVE. (recipe link)

                      Last thanksgiving I hosted I made a gluten free stuffing with cornbread, mashed potatoes, etc etc....and frankly, I was bloated and miserable. So this year I am going to focus on making a really delicious turkey, gravy from homemade stock (likely using rice flour or arrowroot to thicken it), some healthy veggie side dishes, and just stick to those. Other guests can bring the starches and pig out as much as they want.
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                        Same here. I see nothing wrong with celebrating occasional special days with friends and family. I plan to eat pie on both Thanksgiving and my birthday 1 week later. And probably stuffing. I was trying for a 40-day harder-core-primal from Nov-1 thru Dec-10 with those two off-days by design.

                        (this is lame...but CHEAT = CHoose + EAT )


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                          I'm celebrating thanksTAKING.

                          Ima go out and rob some libertarians, rastafarians, and glenn beck.

                          I'll claim manifest destiny on their consumer goods, and give them diseased blankets.

                          No seriously, I hate thanksgiving and chirstmas with a passion.

                          It's easy to avoid holiday food when you've killed off your whole family.


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                            Darth, you and my husband would get along famously. That's pretty much his stance on the holiday season.

                            I plan on having a couple bites of homemade stuffing if it looks good.


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                              Not me. I learned a painful lesson from the aftermath last year. Not worth it.

                              I'm armed to the teeth with a fully primal menu.
                              "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates