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Anyone here at MDA in the military?

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    I'm available too. I spent 10 years enlisted in the Air Force and then tried to go Army OCS before being sidelined by medical problems. Now that they have cleared up, I'm trying to get back into the Army.


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      Thanks Dgr, I appreciate the offer. I sent online forms to the Air Force and Navy yesterday so I imagine I'll be hearing from a recruiter soon. Also got the numbers for the officer recruiting stations...but I haven't worked up the gonads to make the calls yet. I've always had a phone phobia, so I just have to suck it up and do it I guess.

      My friend in the Navy is getting me in touch with an officer in the Army which is awesome, so hopefully I can get some good information before I move forward with looking into OCS ect.

      I guess I'll keep this thread running and let MDA know how it's going.