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Question about sending food items to the US

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  • Question about sending food items to the US

    Just been reading the prohibited items list on the Royal Mail site. Have a question: - I wish to send a couple of bars of chocolate standard Airmail (total value of the goods is around 7 (c. $11.50)) but I'm not allowed to send nuts, citrus peel or fruit. These bars are dark chocolate containing walnuts, pecans, macs, dried cranberries and orange zest.

    Could they possibly be confiscated by US Customs? What about liqueur chocolates (or chocolate containing alcohol? e.g. Whisky truffles?).

    I know from past experience how anal US customs can be - and I want to be sure my gift arrives at its destination - not seized - and probably scarfed by - an over-zealous customs officer!

    Cheers folks,

    La tristesse durera toujours...