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Hi, my name's Izzylu and I'm a weigh-aholic...

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  • Hi, my name's Izzylu and I'm a weigh-aholic...'s been 24 hours since my last weigh in and I feel free!

    After stepping on the scale yesterday right before a spin class and seeing the numbers rise, I went from feeling strong and svelte to feeling week and jiggly. Such a mind game! I have decided no more!!! I have quit many things in my life and I think this might be right up there with cigarettes and alcohol. I am living a primal lifestyle and feel amazing because of it. I am doing all I can to be healthy and fit. I'm tired of letting a machine determine my self worth. I do not own a scale. I have a 13 year old daughter and never want to pass on my neurosis. The challenge is staying out of the locker room and off that scale. I already feel the freedom...
    Strong is the new Skinny!

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    I weighed myself a few months ago. I should do it again sometime.


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      Originally posted by Lojasmo View Post
      I weighed myself a few months ago. I should do it again sometime.
      ... or not.
      Strong is the new Skinny!


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        Originally posted by Izzylu View Post
        ... or not.


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's been 24 hours since my last weigh in and I feel free!
          Insert sound of applause (here)...

          Haven't weighed myself or been weighed in over 2 years. Last time was at the doctors office.
          Don't intend to again unless someone needs to know (for bungee jumping, ultralight aircraft, etc...)
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            to avoid the one in the gym, remind yourself of this fact: that darn thing is *not* properly calibrated so any reading it gives is not a real reading.

            here is how and why:

            1. because so many people use it, but without resetting it after they leave or step off the scale. they also don't get on or off carefully, and some times you'll find children jumping on the darn thing. so, there's no way it can maintain proper calibration.

            2. gym owners have tricks around those things. they actually scale them in heavy for women and light for men. So when they do calibrate those scales, this is why they do not make them accurate.

            for women on the scale, the higher number "motivates" them to continue working out. they think they need to loose that 'last 5 lbs." so, what you might find is that a properly calibrated scale will give you a 5-7 lb reading that is lighter than the one at the gym. gym owners want to keep people in the gym, and this is one way to do it--false scales.

            for men on the scale, in a lot of gyms, they are there to gain muscle/strength--to gain weight in a lot of cases. so, if the scale says he is "lighter" than he thinks he is, he is more motivated to work out, try harder, buy supplement shakes, etc. Thus, when a guy weighs himself, those scales may be 5-7 lbs lighter than a reading on a properly calibrated scale.

            So, end of the day, these gym readings are false usually because either A. the thing isn't calibrated at all; or B. the thing is calibrated to a false standard to "motivate" people to work out.

            Thus, now that scale is no longer a temptation. Who wants to torture themselves with a false scale?
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              If you do weigh yourself, I would think the best way would be to take about ten measurements a day, and then plot a 50-100 data point simple moving average.

              I bought a body fat scale when I stopped caring about weight, but I don't even use that any more.


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                I am on a scale fast too, gonna see if I can make it a whole week, then push it to 2 weeks etc. I actually was obsessed for a while cuz I kept flirting with 199 and I just so wanted to kick 200 in the ass finally and I did, so now I am done and there is nothing but down from here so I am just going to hold on for the ride of my life. Hope you can kick the habit as well.
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                  Just remember the one fact that the scale does not describe your fat %! Gaining "weight" could mean you are gaining muscle, just drank a glass of water, need to take a huge dump, are recovering from hard exercise (body retains water to repair muscle), ate a bunch of carbs and are retaining a bit more water, OR that you gained a little fat. Scale can't help you know those things, daily weighings are worse than useless.
                  Invent a "jeans fit measure." Here, I'll do it.

                  My jeans feel:
                  1. looser than last week - need some new ones soon.
                  2. Same as last week
                  3. Tighter than last week
                  4. Oops! Just ripped my jeans.
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                    This is where my head goes... I think that if I'm not weighing, I won't know if I'm gaining. And I'm trying to let go of all I've learned about eating fat so the scale staying around the same helps me get through that. It's hard, I can relate to momofredheads because I too have dropped below that mark. I started at 220 many years ago and am now jumping between 163 and 167. I've only been primal for about 5-6 weeks and am 100%. I have no clear view of my body because it has changed so much throughout my life that my perception is warped. The scale is that tangible measurement. But it's also a depressant at times. There's nothing else I can do that I'm not already doing and I feel so amazing so I just need to not worry about it! So strange what we learn about ourselves when we try new things!!!
                    Strong is the new Skinny!


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                      Hey Izzylu as tfarny points out your weight is HIGHLY dependent on your body COMPOSITION - weight really is meaningless!! Musle is much more dense than fat, so gaining 2lbs of musle while losing 1lb of fat can (and does) make a significant change in your body composition for the better despite the scale! stick with it!


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                        instead of using weight, instead use what you can do.

                        for example:

                        "when i started doing squats, i could only move the bar (45 lbs), but now i can squat 150 lbs!

                        "when i started working out, i couldn't do one pull up; now i can do 25 with good form!"

                        essentially, you just use what you can DO as a barometer of how awesome you are.