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Chest tightness.

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    IMO: you're having PVCs - premature ventricular contractions. It's when your ventricles contract before the atria do, which is opposite the normal heartbeat rhythm. The thud or flutter you feel is . . . pause. . . then a normal contraction, which beats much harder after a PVC.

    I won't tell you to go to a doctor, primarily because that's not what you want to hear, but also because a doctor will prob tell you that PVCs are never, ever fatal. They are annoying, irritating, energy-sapping, inefficient heartbeats.

    Yes, I speak from experience.
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      Originally posted by sharonss View Post
      I won't tell you to go to a doctor, primarily because that's not what you want to hear, but also because a doctor will prob tell you that PVCs are never, ever fatal. They are annoying, irritating, energy-sapping, inefficient heartbeats.
      And quite possibly...fixable.


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        Personal experience, zero expertise - I've never had heart trouble at all, except that around the time of my mother's death - ie the biggest stress in my life so far - I had palpitations like you wouldn't believe. As I got myself back together and the weight of responsibility lightened, they went away again.

        Moral of this story - if you've experienced major stress lately, maybe this'll go away by itself in time.


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          If you were one of my friends, I'd be on your ass to go see a doctor.

          1. Testicular pain
          2. Problems urinating (remember you from another thread)
          3. Chest pain/tightness and palpitations.

          Dude GO SEE A DOCTOR and quit letting Google MD try to solve your problems. I'm worried for your health.


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            going to a doctor can't hurt, so go ahead.

            about two years ago, my ridiculously healthy husband was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. he was either unhealthy or a drama queen. i knew he was a drama queen. doctors there found nothing. neurologist "healthiest man i've met." cardiologist "i think you make my patients healthier by sitting next to them." Family doctor "built like a brick sh*t house, this one." endocrinologist "why are you here again?"

            naturopath: "ah, candida issues." dietary changes, herbal supplementation, mag/zinc, vit c, etc etc etc.
            acupuncturist: "over abundance of damp; too much stress." acupuncture, meditation, continue with naturopathic supplements.
            energy healer: anxiety, stress, prone to catastrophizing. meditation techniques, energy work, stress reduction.

            my husband, too, has many techniques for managing anxiety, but until these things all cropped up at once, and he continued to catastrophize them so that they got worse, he was, in fact, dealing with "Raging Anxiety."

            his chest wall actually vibrates, and he gets "vibrations" throughout his whole body, odd injuries. but, the candida die off is almost finished, and he is feeling and sleeping better overall. still. he's an anxious fellow.

            so, in addition to seeing the doctor(s), perhaps check in with your counselor again (if you had one) for an emotional tune up?


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              Thank you all for the concern and advice. A little update: I went to the emergency room yesterday after what I could have sworn was a gallbladder attack. All blood work and tests came back "normal". CT scan showed nothing wrong with my abdomen or gallbladder. I really hope I was just being a drama queen and they didn't miss something, but I don't know. The experience was pretty painful and most of the symptoms seemed consistent with that of a gallstone. Never gotten spasms from indigestion before either... I'm kind of afraid to eat again and trigger another whatever-that-was.

              They wrote it off as indigestion, gave me some special "cocktail" that was supposed to be a miracle for any and all digestive ailments and sent me home with a prescription for Prilosec. The cocktail didn't help much at all, but I told them it did as the pain had kept me up throughout the entire night and I had already spent over seven hours in the ER that day and just wanted to go home. I have a follow-up appointment scheduled with my primary physician sometime next week. My digestion and abdomen are my only concern at the moment due to the severity of the symptoms over the last couple of days, I'll get to everything else down the road.

              My mom picked up some magnesium for me, albeit not the best form (magnesium oxide). Hopefully that and the Prilosec will do something. So far, no luck. I just feel incredibly... off right now. Quite disgusting, frankly. Trying not to stress about it and make it worse, I know that's a big problem of mine. I'm very familiar with that vibrating anxiety attack feeling that you mentioned, Zoe. It's a funny kind of sensation, very internal, like your "soul" is vibrating or something. I remember one pretty hardcore anxiety attack in particular where I had started "vibrating" so fast that everything was just one steady hum. I began to have a dream-like, out of body experience as the vibrations seemed to spread from myself. I've never been more convinced that I was dying in my life. :P

              So yeah, maybe I can be kind of dramatic. I know my anxiety and stress can push things out of control, but I don't know when it comes to this stuff. There's anxious, a feeling I know like the back of my hand, and then there's outright painful. I really fucking hope I'm just being dramatic.
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                  Glad to hear you're OK (apparently?) Nothing wrong with taking it seriously, don't feel bad for being dramatic or anxious -- and you were in major pain here. It's reasonable to be anxious about, you know, staying alive. Survival is a very primal instinct.
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                    Salt! Eat more salt! I recently wrote Mark about how he's underplayed its importance and he says he's going to do a definitive guide to salt soon. I feel you on being pissed off - I almost quit Primal in frustration as well.

                    I had major palpitations three weeks into eating Primal and on the very day I started exercising. The palpitations lasted about five days before I found enough research to convince me I wasn't getting enough salt. It's an electrolyte that regulates your heart beat. When we eat Primal, we almost never have problems getting enough potassium, which is another heart-regulating electrolyte. But if you take a step back, how much salt are you getting when you eat Primal? When I thought about it, I realized I ate almost no salt so it made total sense I had a sodium deficiency. I started adding salt to everything and within a day or two the palpitations went away for good. Now I know when I need to exercise to make sure I've had enough salt before and after.

                    When you start Primal, getting enough salt and potassium is even more important since your body is dumping a lot of it with the water weight that comes off fast at first.


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                      I have experienced this after eating a lot of almonds

                      This is totally unscientific, so take it with a grain of salt. It took 3 times for me to realize that eating a lot of almonds was the only common thing I could remember when I've experienced this. I went to the doctor the second time it happened, and even though I could feel my heartbeat "skipping" and felt a tight chest, the EKG showed nothing and they sent me on my way with instructions to call back if it didn't get better and they would send me to a cardiologist. Last week I ate half an 8oz bag of raw almonds and the next day felt the same sensation. For me it goes away after a day or two, and I don't get any heartburn so this may not be related to what you are experiencing. Hope that helps.

                      Originally posted by Styrofoam Jones View Post
                      I've been experiencing lots of chest tightness and the occasional heart palpitations and "flutters" in my lower throat / upper chest for the last month or two. It seems to have become a daily thing. It's usually just discomfort, I wouldn't really call it pain most of the time, but it is prominent. The tightness usually occurs after eating a big meal or when lying or sitting down in certain positions, and the palpitations are much more common during the bouts of tightness. There is never any discomfort during exercise, which I find curious.

                      Does anybody have any idea what might be the problem here? Also, I really don't need to be told twenty times to go to the doctor. Please. I know I need to go to the doctor. I'm just interested in hearing what you guys think about this.


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                        Hmmm. Anxiety can produce a boatload of symptoms. However: if you've recently lost a lot of weight, and now you are having gallbladder spasms, knock of the coconut oil, butter and every other form of the beast. Palm oil and any other supersaturated fat---animal fat is fine---will often do the same thing.

                        Mag, potassium, sodium, chloride all need to stay in balance or you will get arrythmia, but you should have some symptoms during exercise if it is cardiac.


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                          Clearly the poster is already dead since he hasn't responded to this thread that someone
                          dug up from 2010.

                          May we all bow our heads....