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not sure where this goes--cleaning table linens?

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  • not sure where this goes--cleaning table linens?

    we tend to eat our food with our fingers these days, and my napkins (vintage pretty little things) are getting some hard-core wear.

    what do you recommend for removing fat/stains from them? i'm thinking pre-soaking them in dish soap and baking soda, then putting them in the garment bag for the wash, and then line drying. and buying more because this process takes longer than the previous process which was put them in the laundry bag and wash them then dry them.

    luckily, i get a ton of vintage linens at the salvo for, like $6.

    still. i like thems to look pretty!

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    I soak all of my fat stained clothes/aprons/linens in dish soap and baking soda in cold water. I use the dish soap on the actual cloth, kind of scrubbing it in a bit, then adding a bit to the water as well. I use about a tbsp of baking soda in a sink full of water. I do it overnight, and then wash and hang to dry and I've never had a stain that wouldn't come out this way! My mom couldn't believe I didn't have to dry clean my clothes after cooking bacon and getting spatters all over my nice shirt!
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      Why not just get some less fancy napkins for daily use?


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        they aren't fancy. they're just cheap cloth linens that are vintage. i just don't see them as disposable, really, and i'd like them to look nice.

        LEM-- do you wash in the machine or just hand wash and dry?


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          Does this method work on older stains?


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            yeah you are

            Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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              Fork and knife.

              Soak with dish soap. It'll work just fine.
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                eating with hands is nice.


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                  I've found Lestoil will cut stains from automotive oils and grease so I assume it would work on animal fats. Rub a little into the affected areas before laundering.
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