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  • Nutritional Typing/Metabolic Typing

    Okay, just a quick background: I started my new lifestyle last January and have lost 31lbs by eating healthier and exercising. Last spring I started reading up on Primal Blueprint, which has helped me the last 2 months as I've become more disciplined in eating "primal".

    The other day I found this site for Metabolic Typing, which was taken to another level called Nutritional typing--on It has a lot of the same groundwork as the Primal Blueprint: Grains are inherently bad for you, organic/grassfed is best, sunlight is good, sat fats aren't bad, etc. But it has a little test that helps put you into a Protein type, Carb type, or mixed. Carb type doesn't mean grains, it is higher carbs based on higher carb veggies. I ended up being a Protein type, which explains why I've done better on Primal than thru Conventional Wisdom. It also kind of explains why Primal doesn't work for some people in the aspect that some people run better on more carbs (not grains). Has anyone else heard of this, and if so what is your take?

    33yo, 5'6", 158lbs, size 10 jeans

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    well, reborn,....I have been following the blood type diet for years, and it follows that some blood types (really, only A) do better with more carbs.....however I'm type O, (like most people) and I do better with protein.


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      there are long traditions of it in ayurveda and tcm, but it's more complex than A,B,O typing really, and while i 'believe' in it from these traditional perspectives, how they come to conclusions is far different than modern texts, online tests, and so on. it really is unique to each individual, blood type being only part of the whole equation in these traditional forms of medicine. and of course, they have different blood types than ABO but those have been added in over time as they have been studied/understood within their traditional contexts. really fascinating stuff.

      i'm O. did well veggie, doing well now. no big deal. most humans are really adaptable to what is available: omnivorous.