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  • healthy body fat percentage

    i wonder if i don't have enough body fat to be healthy at my age? (i'm 42) i'm 5'3", weigh about 110 lbs and have 19-20% body fat, which for my age might be too low, according to drs. eades. they say that it should be 22-27% for my age. i'm also trying to get my period back (it stopped almost 5 years ago when i was exercising too much and not eating enough, esp fat and protein), and i'm thinking that it will come back if i get more body fat? i just don't want it around my belly, as that's where most of my fat is right now. how do i lose belly fat while gaining butt/leg fat? i have a high waist/hip ratio - i think my waist is 29 inches and my hips are 32. need to change that.