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Emergency Pendants / Monitoring for Elderly Love Ones - service/product suggestions?

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    2 cents to add: I don't know about makes, but do talk to the person using the device to make sure they actually have it with them all the time. I've known lots of people who left their pendant hanging on a coathook, or took it off to leave on the bedside table and left it there when they got up in the night, or took it off to have a shower. Of course, in the shower and getting up in the night are exactly the moments you're most likely to need it. Whoever said that a bracelet would be more useful than a pendant - great suggestion.

    Also, make sure the person using it is happy about what would happen if they did press the button. One woman was scared stiff that pressing it would mean people would come and take her to hospital against her will. I think after her recent experiences of hospital she'd have opted for dying on the floor any day...


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      Is there a good one with an accelerometer that doesn't simply call in a SWAT team if you leave it off for 5 minutes? It'd be nice to override when I'm home for example.