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What to do about your doctor and cholesterol?

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  • What to do about your doctor and cholesterol?

    I have a great doctor in all aspects except one. He buys into the Cholesterol - Lipid Hypothesis completely. Even when my total cholesterol was just 215 he want to write a prescription for a statin. But I talked him into letting me try for 90 days to get it under control. Which I did and now he is happy.

    That was 3 years ago. Now every year I need to see him for my annual visit to get my prescriptions renewed (for blood pressure medication). I know he is going to check my cholesterol. Starting about 6 weeks before my annual visit I switch to a low fat diet and go so far as to take CholestOff and Red Rice Yeast (basically an over the counter form of a statin), just to make sure my numbers are where he wants them. What do the rest of you do?

    Also it appears that I will be buying my own health insurance. So I need to play this game just so I don't get higher rates because I don't meet a number that was basically pulled out of thin air.

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    i found a doctor who isn't blinded by drug companies and is willing to listen to logic. Sounds like you need a new doctor.


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      My doctor is happy because my cholesterol and blood pressure have improved. I will not take statins, so that's that. A doctor cannot make you do anything.


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        If you're not going to take the advice of the doctor if the numbers are high, then refuse the test in the first place. That way if it goes high, you don't have to disclose diagnosed high cholesterol on health risk forms.

        If you want to know the numbers for your own benefit, pay for the test out of pocket and order it through one of the no-doctor-needed labs online.

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          I just say "no thank you" to the statins. Do you know that your cholesterol is elevated without your six weeks of low fat? How are your triglycerides? You could ask for the VAP testing to convince him of your heart risk.
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            Print out the Cholesterol Primer and give it to him? There's nothing you can do about the insurers; they've bought this nonsense hook, line and sinker (and are probably selling it at a profit). But you have the right to tell him no, you know. Doctors are not God.
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              Get a new doc.
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                Originally posted by jammies View Post
                I just say "no thank you" to the statins. Do you know that your cholesterol is elevated without your six weeks of low fat? How are your triglycerides? You could ask for the VAP testing to convince him of your heart risk.
                Triglycerides about 80. Yes, my cholesterol was elevated at 215 before my 6 weeks of low fat and the two over the counter cholesterol meds. I know 215 isn't much but to doctors it is the end of the world.


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                  My doctor was very cool about it. My total cholesterol and LDL were high. He ordered an NMR at my request which the results showed I had the good LDL. He said, "You were right!" He was not familiar with my diet, and took careful notes about what I am eating. He said that cholesterol is just one of several risk factors related to cardiovascular disease, and that he was not too concerned since I am very lean, exercise regularly and have good pulse and blood pressure.


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                    I am not clear on understanding why, if one is otherwise healthy, it is necessary to see a doctor every year. I am finding the check-ups to be perfunctory at best and really just an opportunity to write scrips. Yes, my blood pressure is high but this is because I am fat. I was about to be put on a 3rd pill because the 1st 2 had no effect and I decided it was crazy to treat a symptom w/o treating the underlying cause. I have never been counseled about the weight (not that I expect good advice anyway) Primal has already moved the needle down after just 2 months. I expect supplementation and further weight loss to take me the rest of the way.

                    I see an opthamologist yearly. Glaucoma in the family and I'm pretty myopic to begin with. I see a dermatologist every couple of years. Fair skin w/ severe childhood sunburns. I plan on a colonoscopy when I hit 50. Other than that I'm all set w/ conventional GP's.
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                      DO NOT DO IT ! ! !

                      Stay far, far away from Statins. Please see Cardiologist Dr. Wm Davis about his experience on statins:

                      Also see my links below:


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                        As I see it, what your original question asked was two mutually exclusive questions.

                        1) What do I do to get my doc off my back about cholesterol


                        2) What do I do to keep my cholesterol numbers "good" so that when *I have to buy insurance for myself* (anyone who doesn't have to do this doesn't GET it) I don't get either a) punted to a higher premium or b) denied coverage at all because of my "high" cholesterol.

                        Everyone has answered number 1.

                        Number 2 is your bigger issue IMO. As someone who has pre-existing conditions and who also buys her own insurance, I know it's no minor matter. You're just going to have to do whatever you can to pass that insurance blood test with numbers that they find satisfactory. If that means going lowfat/red rice yeast, etc. (I'd also take CLA, it had an amazing effect on my husband's cholesterol numbers when he took it) and whatever else you can leading up to that blood test.

                        I don't think there's any way around it. Insurance companies are literally "by the numbers" and you're not going to be able to convince them to make an exception in your case.

                        Sucks, but there it is.