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  • Scar Prevention?

    I got a nasty cut on the bridge of my nose Christmas Eve. (Stupid accident in the course of adding leaves to the dining room table - stood up quick and banged my nose on the table edge!). I have been putting Neosporin and coconut oil on it and the scab is now gone. Does anyone have advice on how to prevent it from leaving a scar? I am thinking maybe comfrey? Thanks in advance, I do not want a scar on my nose!

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    I've been using emu oil for the past year to prevent acne scars, and it has worked. It may be hard to find, though, and there's no standardization for the refining of it so you really have to research it. I order mine online at SheerMiracle.Com. They have triple refined stuff, really high quality. It's a bit expensive but has worked for me. It is an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory. It really hasn't had much impact on depressed scar removal, however.
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      Thank you, I will look for it.


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        Cocoa butter is supposed to have similar effects but I'm not sure if it does anything differently or better than coconut oil.
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          Rosehip seed oil is great for preventing scars and lightening older scars My chef friend always uses it to heal burns and cuts so they don't scar. Garden of Wisdom sells it inexpensively.


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            [Scribbling all these things down on my shopping list post-it note.]