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How to cure my ugly skin?

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  • How to cure my ugly skin?

    I have to complain. I have the worst skin I have seen. Only bums and really old people had it worse, but they're not 22 years old like me. I would love to change that, it woulde be way more important for me than any further weight loss. I am asking here because I believe in curing from inside to the outside. I simply don't believe in fancy cosmetics. I tried peelings and Clean & Clear products but I think it is not the correct way to fix my issues. What went wrong so I have to look like that? Can I fix it by eleminating some food groops? I have eliminated sugar and grains over month ago.
    Here are some photos
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    what? two blemishes? seriously?

    i would recommend: 1. not picking at it, and 2. drinking water and increasing fat intake. in addition, put oil directly on your skin. olive or avocado, and if you really want something healing, calendula. weleda makes a nice clean calendula oil.

    anyway, you'll be fine. it's also hormonally driven, so once those organize, you'll be fine-er.


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      What Zoebird said. Plus, no deep fried foods -- ZERO! After your hormones settle down you can maybe break that rule a few times a year.


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        What helped me? grains, sugar or dairy! creams or soap on the skin, just plain warm water to wash several times per day.
        ...try to reduce stress.
        ...and about 3 weeks time.


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          lots of water, fats and sun


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            Originally posted by C2H5OH View Post
            I have eliminated sugar and grains over month ago.
            What you add in, what you fill yourself with is at least as important, or possibly more important than when you eliminate. You've stated repeatedly that you cannot eat much of what is important for optimal health.

            It seems unlikely that you'll attain optimal health (including skin health) without behaving in a way that supports optimal health - ie eating foods that our bodies require to maintain optimal health.

            Originally posted by zoebird View Post
            what? two blemishes? seriously?

            Personally, I love rx retinoids. But I am, admittedly, very vain and use them for two reasons: 1) anti-aging 2) to keep my pores clear in spite of my use of european sunscreen used daily and applied at proper use rates.

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              Some perspective might help. THESE people have bad skin:


              And it's not just that those people are medical anomalies. I've seen many people with far worse skin than you. You just have a couple of zits! You have acres of clear skin between!

              From my own personal experience of a lifetime of less-than-perfect skin, I think acne is as much in your head as on your face (or elsewhere). The way you perceive your own face is a thousand times worse than the rest of the world sees. Get rid of your mirrors. I wish I'd had the guts to do that. Stop picking. Give up ALL dairy for a while. And then just wait. You're only 22 and you're a man. Chances are excellent that this will not be a lifelong problem for you.

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                De-stress. Whatever it takes. Sleep is a good start.

                I also recommend this breathing routine from a recent MDA post.
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                  No grain.
                  No sugar.
                  No dairy.
                  8-10 hours of sleep.
                  Daily sun (stop short of burning).
                  Wash with Tropical Traditions or Dr. Bronner's coconut soap.
                  Moisturize with pure coconut oil.
                  No sunscreens, alcohol-based products, cosmetics, chemical moisturizers, etc.
                  Continue for several months.
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                    Try to make your diet as clean as possible. Consider a cleansing fast. Drink lots of pure water. Moisturize! People with problem skin often think this doesn't apply, but it does. It's important to clean skin well, then apply non-oily moisturizer, or aloe vera, which protects skin. I have a friend from India who swears by eathing raw eggs, and at night putting raw egg yolk on blemishes (egg white is a good mask for anyone), applied to clean skin at night, and acts as a drawing agent, and purifier because of the sulfur in eggs. Also, get a good quality multi-vitamin. Skin health is part of over all health. The hardest part is consistency.
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                      All the general skin advice I would have given has already been said - plenty of fat, lots of water, lots of rest, rinse or wash after sweaty activities. Give up sugar and grains for sure, and dairy if you still have problems.

                      I am also a little confused about what's so wrong with your skin. If you took a picture like that of my skin, it wouldn't look any better - probably worse because I have more acne. My husband's skin doesn't look "good" up close either. (That's the only other person whose skin I examine from a close proximity, lol). My brain can't make the jump from that extreme close-up to what it would look like to a real person who is in the same room as you. Maybe you could zoom out a bit?
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                        Dude, your skin is fine. Seriously? You need to chill out.

                        You only cut out grains and sugar a month ago. You need to follow the advice everyone has given, no dairy (unless raw), low stress, leave the skin alone but moisturize if it is dry. Stop picking. Sleep. Stop looking at it, pretend you have the skin you want.

                        I have had much much worse skin than you and never compared myself to a hobo. Many hobo's actualy have quite nice skin because they just leave it alone and do not think about it.

                        Consider fermented foods, probiotics, and get your Vitamin D checked, if it is low start supplementing with 4000ui a day. Avoid Omega 6 heavy oils, avoid nuts for the time being.

                        Give it 3 months.

                        But honestly... 2 zits? Really dude? That's hardly bad skin and to be honest, the skin around it looks good. You are making a big deal out of nothing.


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                          Make sure your Vitamin D is sufficient.
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                            Are you complaining about the minor blemishes on your forehead? Is that all the blemishes you have? Or are they all over your torso, too.

                            Do they itch?

                            Did you pick at them?

                            It is important we know all the details.



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                              Cut out dairy! It makes such a huge difference!

                              Also, I use a face toner made with Bragg's apple cider vinegar - I cut it with distilled water - 50/50 ratio.

                              I agree with the other posters who recommended less stress (so maybe try yoga), more sleep, more water, etc. It takes time to clear up skin.