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OT (Sorta) for my ladies. =) Wild!

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  • OT (Sorta) for my ladies. =) Wild!

    My friend Lillian wrote this. I've fallen in love with it from both my Pagan and my Primal sides. Reminds me feel strong and vibrant.


    I'm going to go where any woman should dream of going.
    Headed into the woods with an axe,
    I'm never looking back.

    I have fun like the guys do,
    (you know they like sharp pointy things)
    spending a day with nature
    just as it should be.

    Its time to shape up, be a Wo-MAN!

    climbing waterfalls,
    leaping between the trees,
    not letting anything get in the way
    from Nature and I.

    The smell of a nice wood fire
    and the damp earth beneath my feet.
    the sound of trees whispering above
    and the water singing in the stream.

    Being as cold as the winter's gale,
    or as soothing as the warm spring breeze
    Dancing madly like I'm wild in Autumn,
    and bringing radiance and light all Summer.

    These are the things I wish had not been lost
    in the onslaught of all this unwanted power and technology.

    -Lillian Fuller

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    I<3 it.
    Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, steak in one hand, chocolate in the other, yelling "Holy F***, What a Ride!"
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      thanks for sharing.
      my primal journal:


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        Would it be alright to re-post this on my blog? I love everything about this.
        And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair
        Kahlil Gibran


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          Lurve it!
          sigpic "Boy I got vision and the rest of the world is wearing bifocals" - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


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            Yes, feel free to repost. Just make sure Lil gets credit.


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              Very nice.


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                She really captured the feeling of communing with nature! It's so thrilling and peaceful all at the same time!
                The more I see the less I know for sure.
                -John Lennon


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                  This is exactly how I feel every time I'm out on a hike. Thanks for sharing this with us, Diana.



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                    The opening verse reminded me of one Christmas when I was 15 or so, my mom and I wandered out into the woods behind our place to chop down the family Christmas tree. She and I took down a 30 footer with a saw and an axe, because the top looked nice. We dragged 8 feet of tree home through the snow about a mile and had a grand time. Once we had it home, it wasn't quite as perfect as we thought from below, but we loved it because that year, it was "our" tree.
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                      Aww that's fantastic!

                      I've always been fascinated by people who write poetry. I've never had the knack for it. It's so motivating, empowering, uplifting. Makes you feel pretty and strong all at the same time.


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                        Thanks for posting this! It's a wonderful poem and just the way I feel