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Joys of processed food #397: random dioxins

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  • Joys of processed food #397: random dioxins

    I love the official line: 'Oh, there are some dioxins in some packets somewhere or other. Probably they got spread through enough packets that it won't do you any harm. It's not as if we had any clue, anyway.'

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    thank goodness i get mine from a farm shop - taste much better too!


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      Sigh. When food becomes an industry, industrial accidents will happen...


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        And in other good news... the mycoprotein known as Quorn (the only food, or purported food, I've ever encountered that consistently makes me feel ill) is now out of patent, so it can appear in any other processed food under other names. Who knows, maybe I could get my dioxins and toxic fungus in one packet. I've reached a weight and jeans size I like about 6 months earlier than I'd expected, after all... yet strangely enough, I find myself planning to go buy some vegetables, meat and fish.


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          the FSA said: "There is no food safety risk from eating these products. The majority of products will have been sold and most have passed their 'use by' or 'best before' dates.
          I guess they mean there is not a risk anymore, as they have already been sold and eaten. And the toxins are now safely stored in the consumer's body. Bleah. And quorn? Bleah for that too.
          Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.