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Shirataki Noodles?

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  • Shirataki Noodles?

    Has anyone heard of or used these? A friend of mine doing a low carb HCG thing says she can't live without them. No net carbs but just wondering if they fall into the primal category. I thought I'd heard of everything but apparently not. I'll definitely order some if they do.
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    There are two types of shirataki noodles, the original one, made from the root of the konjac plant, and the other one made with tofu. I think the best bet is the original one, made just from the root.


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      I saw the Tofu ones in Whole Foods yesterday. I think I'll order the others on line and give it a shot. I'm excited to try something new!
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        Just ordered the original ones on-line. I'm too interested to know if they are not primal?


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          Shiratake noodles are just konjac root fiber, so they are Primal. Konjac is even used in some supplements to control blood sugar levels in diabetics and increase satiety.

          Some brands have a way better texture (less chewy) than others. I like Shirakiku brand. You can find them at any Asian market in the refrigerated Japanese section. I always rinse them and boil them for a few minutes in salted water to infuse them with a bit of flavor and remove the sea weedy smell. You can also pulse them in a food processor to "rice" them

          I blogged about them last summer:


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            Shirataki noodles are one of the 'go to' ingredients in the popular Japanese Dish sukiyaki.
            Shirataki noodles and konnyaku in general are very popular diet foods here in Japan due to the No carb/very low calorie factor, gluten free, alkaline, mineral rich.
            Seems to be pretty good for a primal diet.
            I don't mind Konnyaku, but it is pretty tasteless stuff.

            Here is my New Years day Sukiyaki (excuse the tofu - I didn't eat any) Shirataki noodles are at the top.

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              I love shirataki noodles! I don't eat them all the time, but when you're looking for a casserole or some other "comfort food" they're a really good bet.


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                Are these similar to Kelp Noodles?
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                  I've seen these at Asian markets but always assumed because they said YAM noodles on the front that they were massively carby. Good to know.


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                    Faux Pho.


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                      I just bought my first Shirataki noodles and expected to hate them, but they turned out great with a little bit of tweaking. Here's what I did:

                      Drain and rinse 1 14 oz. package of refrigerated noodles in liquid ( not the kind with tofu)
                      Allow noodles to soak in water ( I did overnight but I suspect 20-30 minutes should be OK.)
                      Drain thoroughly, dry noodles with a paper towel as much as possible.
                      Soften 1 clove of garlic in 1-2 tbsp. olive oil, add the noodles.
                      Saute over high heat until dry and beginning to brown slightly, stirring constantly.
                      Add Tamari soy to taste.

                      It is supposed to be 0 calories, 0 carb, 0 protein. I ate the whole package with a package of Trader Joes Tuna with Green Curry Sauce and it was great!

                      I am very surprised, no fishy taste. Yes, a bit rubbery but not bad, similar to rice noodles in texture. I will definitely make them again to go with oriental dishes. I don't know if they will cut it for Italian.
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