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Help with blood sugar swings?

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  • Help with blood sugar swings?

    There are lots of threads about diabetes and hypoglycemia, and I've read them with great interest. I am underweight and experience intense cravings for sugar, which sets up a vicious cycle of bingeing. I've been trying PB for several months and was binge-free and happy near the beginning, but then the bingeing came back and I can't figure out why.

    Yesterday I bought a home glucose meter and found that my blood glucose was 97 mg/dL just before dinner. After a dinner of fish and spinach, half an hour later it was 125, an hour later 95, two hours later 76.

    1. It seems strange to have a spike after a very low-carb meal.
    2. It seems strange to have a 40-point drop after two hours.

    My body temperature also fluctuated wildly, from 96.8 to 99.3 to 97.5, and is back at 96.8 this morning.

    I've suspected adrenal problems being the root of this, which would explain poor blood sugar control as well as erratic temperatures, but am not really sure how to proceed with a physician. Since I don't have health insurance I don't want to get sent on expensive wild goose chases.

    Do you have any suggestions of things I can try at home, or self-testing I can do, before seeing a doctor?

    Another worry -- if eating primally can help stabilize blood sugar, is that just "masking" a deeper problem (adrenal, etc.) that still exists?

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    Based on your numbers, you seem perfectly normal to me. You always have a spike in blood sugar after a meal--low carb or not. And if you're normal, you have the 'drop' you experienced.

    Your intense cravings for sugar might be controlled with more frequent eating--some primal snacks between meals. I say this because my sister is a type 2 diabetic and prone to hypoglycemia--which spikes cravings for sugar. She only has a problem if she doesn't eat at no more than 3-hour intervals. Often at work, she even skips lunch and finds herself stuffing candy bars into her mouth! When she eats regularly, she has no such cravings, so you might want to try that.


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      I had frequent problems with low blood sugar before switching to Primal. I had to eat every 3 hrs and frequently craved pasta, bread, cake, etc. When I sharply reduced my grain and sugar intake, the problems WENT AWAY COMPLETELY. Now I can survive a skipped meal now and then, and the cravings are gone - except when I eat grain or sugar, then they come back. The blood sugar rollercoaster has not come back.

      I would cut all grains & sugar and keep Primal snacks (boiled eggs, cheese, jerky, almonds) handy until the rollercoaster settles and the cravings subside. After that you should be free.


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        I was hypoglycemic pre-Primal. What I noticed is that my carb level crept up ever so slowly after the first couple of weeks of eating Primal. For me, it came in the form of chocolate and dairy--and then increased sugar cravings hit.

        As long as I keep my carb levels low and eat Primal snacks as needed, I am fine. Generally, I go 4-5 hours between meals, but occasionally my body is hungry sooner, so I feed it some bacon and all is well!
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          Thank you for the suggestions. Good to hear there is a way out. I'll try spreading out food more evenly throughout the day.