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  • Taco Bell "Beef"

    A friend sent this to me earlier, the ingredients list for Taco Bell's "beef". Reminds me of the article Mark wrote a while ago about their drive-thru diet.

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    Ugh. Sick. But thanks for sharing, I had to pass that link on.


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      I was going to post that in here too! Like I needed another reason to not eat Taco Bell.


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        Holy crap Mark's article was hilarious. I thought I had read everything on MDA.
        I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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          Originally posted by mrs_moesy View Post
          I was going to post that in here too! Like I needed another reason to not eat Taco Bell.
          Ha ha, me too! My ex-BF was always saying Taco Hell was the best of the fast foods. I beg to differ!
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            Best part is people commenting on gizmodo like "who cares those ingredients are in everything." Which is precisely why we continue to line up in our cars like the mindless consumers that we are. Paying more than what a pound of actual beef would cost for this cardboard bullshit.
            I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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              Dad has always called them Barfo Bell.
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                No wonder I always felt so refreshed after taking down cheesy gordita crunches two at a time!


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                  My mom and I got food poisoning like symptoms every time we ate there, or KFC. Gross.
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                    Taco Bell is fighting back...

                    Now I just don't know what to believe :'(


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                      Oh sick! My husband is addicted to taco bell too. Once I went away for 2 weeks and instead of cooking for himself he ate taco bell 3 meals a day... And gained 10lbs.
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                        A vegetarian friend posted on his FB status today that we should know not to eat taco bell because of course any taco under a buck isnt beef.

                        Instead he suggests we eat soy chorizo tacos.
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