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  • Headaches--Help!

    I stumbled on primal quite by accident and the more I read, the more interested I became. I was diagnosed with Celiac about 12 yrs ago and have been gluten free since then, but my digestive problems never did go away. The entire grainless/lo carb idea made so much sense to me that I went out and bought just about everything written about it that I could find. I started slowly transitioning to primal at the end of Dec. For the past 8 days have been quite fruit or nuts (my 2 big weaknesses and "trigger" foods), eating at least 50% of intake in good fats, keeping carbs under 50 and the rest in protein (pastured eggs, grass- fed meats, bacon, leafy green stuff, etc) I do want to eventually lose 10-15 lbs but that's not an issue right now as I need to feel better first.

    What's totally amazing to me is the lack of hunger between meals. I was always a nibbler, always looking for that next snack between meals. It used to drive me nuts! (no pun there intended) That part of primal has been wonderful.

    BUT, here's the negative: for the past 6 days, everyday, I have been getting pretty
    severe headaches. I feel like the top of my head is going to explode. Can anyone tell
    me if this is a common symptom of the primal flu? I havent changed anything else
    except my diet, and I don't feel sick but the headaches are pretty bad. This morning I
    finally broke down and took 2 Advil, but it's not having any effect.

    I'm OK with this if it's relatively short lived, as I really think in the long run it will be
    very beneficial for me, just having a hard time getting thru it and hoping that it is, in fact, going to be short term.

    Any of you experts out there think it could be due to the diet change? Anyone else ever go thru this?


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    Low Magnesium can cause headaches. You can try a product like Natural Calm, I found that this particular product has been able to increase my blood values of Mg when I use it nightly.

    Also I recently read in Taubes new book that Duke U Medical Doctors prescribe a couple cups of sodium laden broth along with thier low carb weight-loss diets.

    Also along the same thoughts, the kidneys excrete potassium to save sodium, so maybe also eat something high in Potassium, coconut water, maybe?


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      Hope your headache goes away. Not fun.
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      Rough start due to major carb WD.

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      Family walk every night instead of everyone vegging in front of the TV
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        This is fairly typical of the low-carb flu. It will pass as long as you don't feed the carb cravings.
        Primal eating in a nutshell: If you are hungry, eat Primal food until you are satisfied (not stuffed). Then stop. Wait until you're hungry again. Repeat.

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          Thanks for everyone's replies.

          Griff--no way I'm feeding this baby carbs after 8 days of abstinence! I feel like I'm almost over the emotional addictive part, and not looking to do it again in the (near) future.

          Am already taking magnesium supps, but thanks for the suggestion.