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  • Creativity

    My creativity has gone through the roof in the past couple months. I think it's diet related. It may be that my body and hormones and such are finally in balance, it may be that I've finally hit my appropriate Vitamin D levels, who knows.
    Anyone else seen a rise in their creativity since going primal?
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    I wish I have to be inebriated ('cause I'm still a stressed curmudgeon underneath it all)


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      I feel like all my thought processes are running more smoothly. I'm not sure what kind of things you do for a creative outlet but for me, it's writing. I'm finding that words are coming together effortlessly.


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        Yes! I was always perpetually "workin' on that novel" until I went primal--then I actually finished it. It was kind of a weird, unexpected feeling.

        Now, whether or not what I created is worth a darn is another story. :-P


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          I want to do something, but I can't until my apartment is unpacked and settled.

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            Not really creativity, but I've been "cleansing" my home. Throwing out/donating stuff I don't use, cleaning in cabinets, closets and corners. It's like now that I have my fitness organized, I want the rest of my life organized just as much.

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              throwing out stuff....I have that urge now, too. its like, I wanna live more like a nomad, ( and less like a hoarder)hanging on to only the really important things.