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MIddle of the night meds

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  • MIddle of the night meds

    After an unfortunate accident it's been necessary to take pain meds once or twice during the night. The pills are hard on the stomach so it has been my habit to eat a few crackers or some bread first. Trying to live Primally I no longer want to use carbs as a buffer for the meds. I could go rummage in the kitchen for something else to eat but that could disturb the rest of the household. Also, getting up, traveling to the kitchen and turning on the light would just make me wider awake. I'm looking for something that I might keep in or on the nightstand that didn't have to be refrigerated and isn't loaded with carbs. Any ideas?

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    Beef jerky. A pat of butter.
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      A little tupperware container of mashed cauliflower and a spoon.