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How to derail temptation: My best advice.

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    1) I tried the questionnnaire posted above, and got hits on nearly every topic :/

    2) Apparently wheat now gives me nosebleeds! I should be at work but currently sat here with a blood soaked snot-rag. Nice. This was after a couple of biscuits yesterday (I know, I know). This could be useful if it were an instant bloodbath....people would get the message I suppose...including me!


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      Originally posted by TigerLily View Post
      When I began taking 5-HTP and amino acids, a la Dr. Michael Murray and Julia Ross, everything -- all the years of struggle, meticulous planning and record-keeping, self-loathing for not being able to stop bingeing/being "weak", extreme dieting -- completely went away in one fell swoop, like a magic eraser. Then I knew it has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with biochemistry. All one must do is give the brain what it needs (and was getting from bingeing) -- serotonin and dopamine.

      I now have zero cravings, zero struggle, my food is super clean, and it is so easy that it actually makes me mad.
      That's such a wonderful revelation isn't it. I had a similar one when I first did Radiant Recovery back in 2000. I came to understand that my problems weren't down to character weakness, so wonderful not to be guilt-ridden and to no longer see myself as weak. And understanding even that my body had done the best it could for me, craving sugar because it knew that was the best way to get fast relief from the low endorphin and dopamine levels that I was dealing with. Not the enemy, but a friend to nurture and listen to.

      I actually had 3 years free of sugar and whites with basically no real cravings, on RR. Until I got pregnant with my youngest and something changed in my body, my severe gluten intolerance kicked in with all thiose delightful symptoms, and it all fell apart.

      I tried going back to RR and did stay sugar free for a while but never felt steady. My blood sugar was uncontrollable and cravings kept coming. In the end I couldn't hold out, I guess my motivation did weaken as well as I could see it wasn't working. So I started looking for more information that could help me sort it out. And found my way to gluten free, then dairy free, and then paleo.

      I don't know if I'll ever feel that steadiness that I had during my 3 years sugar free, but I'll keep looking for answers.
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        Update--I've been taking around 3g L-Tryptophan a day for the past couple days and have noticed my cravings to binge just about totally gone. FAST. I may just stick w/ the tryptophan (instead of 5-HTP). LOVING it. I didn't think I was dealing w/ any sort of mood imbalance issue, but the longer I've taken it, the more at peace, content, and just plain happy I feel. I think I have more of a seratonin issue going on than I thought.

        I find this all fascinating. Very very interesting!!
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          FairyRae, how did you evaluate your need for the L-Tryptophan before you started taking it? I've been wondering if I could benefit from some kind of supplementation but I don't have a good way of pinning down what I need. My depression and binging have gotten worse than ever in the last couple of months to the point where it's majorly interfering with my life and I'm at a loss for what to do. Is tryptophan something you can find at a health food store?


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            Originally posted by aktres View Post
            There are two separate issues we all need to keep in mind. One is insulin response/resistance, the other is inflammation. I think the focus is often on glucose/insulin and what our limits are there, ignoring the inflammation issues brought on by wheat and other grains.
            Those probably are not two separate issues. Dr. Kurt Harris (and others) have argued it's the inflammatory diet that is probably causing insulin resistance.


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              weird fish, I used the book _Depression Free, Naturally_ as a guide for what supps might work best for me. In her book, L-Tryptophan is recommended for everyone as part of a 'balanced emotions formula' which is why I bought it--I read more about it here. (If you google Depression Free Naturally you'll find the site which is very informative as well.) Other books that discuss supping w/ L-Tryptophan and other aminos include the books by Julia Ross, The Mood Cure and Diet Cure (helpful questionnaires on the sites), along w/ the book _Primal Body--Primal Mind_ (she touches on the use of them a little bit--that's where I first learned of amino acid supplementation). I mostly got my info from Depression Free Naturally, and have found it totally helpful. There is also a thread that is FULL of info on the topic of binge eating and mood disorder issues--super helpful IMO:

              You can test to see how out of balance your levels are of things like dopamine and seratonin etc to figure out what supps would be best for you, but I didn't--I used trial and error w/ various aminos b/c I trust them and they are not too pricey. You can probably get it at a HFS--I got mine from a vitamin shop (but would prefer to buy it online from iherb in the future b/c it will be cheaper. )

              Good luck figuring out what works best for you!!!
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              Are you new here? Be sure to check these links FIRST, before reading anything on the forum! Succeed & PB 101

              "I am a work in progress." -Ani DiFranco