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Skin Issues when starting PB?

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  • Skin Issues when starting PB?

    Hey everyone,
    I started reading and following PB about a week ago. Since then I've dropped significant weight for my frame (probably water). However, I've noticed that I've gotten more blemishes on my face than usual. As I am 24, and a teacher, the fewer zits the better.
    Did anyone else experience an increase in skin problems when they started? Maybe from the fat? And if so, did they go away eventually???
    Any advice or suggestions much appreciated. I already take a multivitamin and omega 3. And have dropped my sugar consumption to basically nothing compared to what it used to be (I'm a bit of a candy addict...)

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    I can answer this possibly better then anyone...

    I went primal on April 5, 2010. I had acne at the time and wanted to do an acne primal experiment. I had an acne blog at the time so this was a fantastic idea. My skin started to clear up more and more and by the summer it was just about gone. I then started to binge eat on junk food and was not fully primal for the last few months of 2010 and into January of this year.

    I just completed a 30 day paleo challenge about 5 days ago. Everything went great. My skin wasnt "great" during the first 3 weeks and then started to clear up little by little. It is now just about back to where it should be - perfectly clear. I get the occasional teeny tiny whitehead.

    I have 6 years experience with acne. I have learned that diet plays a massive role but one must manage stress, get adequate sunlight, sleep, etc. Basically one must follow the 10 laws of the primal blueprint (weird how it is just about the "cure" for everything). I personally believe that managing stress is way more important then most people think.

    Continue eating the way you are eating and remember that diet along with stress are the biggest factors. Sleep, play, sunlight will help manage stress.

    Also, your body is probably going through a "detox" and acne is a way of your body getting rid of toxins. Be patient - it should go away very soon.
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      Thanks, Primal Toad! This is very helpful


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        I did have some acne issues the first few weeks, but it did start to clear up within the last few days here.
        I have also suffered from KP my entire life and have just started noticing that clearing up. I have spent huge amounts of money on skin products trying to keep it at bay...and now my skin is nearly clear of it without using the expensive creams and lotions. This is unexpected, but I will accept the bonus.


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          My experience is that skin usually gets worse before it gets better. I find a zinc supplement helpful, up to 50 mg a day.
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            Recently I quit PUFAs cold turkey: no more nuts, etc. Three things happened: I immediately got a terrible case of the flu (unusual for me); I lost five pounds in about a week (in part because of no appetite during the flu bout); and I got a bad flare-up of my rosacea.

            I have been thinking a lot about why this happened. I think stopping PUFAs in the form of nuts caused me to metabolize the PUFAs that were hiding out in my body fat. It was like drinking quarts of soybean oil! It was good to get rid of this stuff, but the process of getting rid of it caused some inflammation. Plus, PUFAs cause sun sensitivity apparently, and rosacea gets worse when a person is exposed (and sensitive) to sunlight.

            I cut way back on carbs, started using more sunscreen, and gained a little of the weight back. My rosacea has calmed down a lot.