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Has Primal Helped for Depression/Anxiety? Please share.



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    I jsut posted my own thread in the Successes forum and was pointed here.
    Going primal has helped me SO much, mentally and physically. This is what i posted:

    Originally posted by Nion View Post
    I know i've seen a couple people around here say they are Bipolar, or Schizophrenic.
    I have Borderline personality disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, which is kinda like Bipolar on hi speed with some abandonment issues thrown in for good measure!
    Anyway, my point is: Has anyone else noticed an improvement in their mental issues since starting primal?
    I've been doing this roughly a month, and before, i used to have severe mood swings daily, and constant anxiety - but now, i feel pretty good most of the time!

    My depression is pretty much gone.
    Anxiety issues have lightened considerably, which before was crippling
    I'm not so goddamn angry all the time, although it's still there, it's in the back of my head.
    I'm also obnoxiously happy and energetic to the point where it's weirding people out :P
    After cutting out gluten and sugar it was especially dramatic.
    I'm a paleo foodie, come check out my recipes:


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      Anyone concerned with depression should look into cognitive and behavioral approaches to changing it (as well as cognitive-behavioral combinations). A good place to start is with David Burns's *Feeling Good.*

      In my opinion, a physician who does not at least attempt a cognitive-behavioral approach and tries to deal with depression only through drugs such as Prozac or nutrition is irresponsible and probably quite ignorant as well.

      Of course, drugs and better nutrition can help some people, but not as much as many are quick to assume. Also, what people call "depression" is often enough a fairly normal response to objective problems.


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        You know, I have an issue with the term 'mental illness'. I hate to be pedantic about it, but really, there's no separation between your body and your head. (If your head is in a jar somewhere, please don't tell me, because that's freaky ). When Freud brought in his armchair philosophies about therapy it did the world a huge disservice, because it really created a big separation between treating how we feel through addressing the whole body and, well, doing things that just don't work very well.

        Anyways. My point is that the best ways to treat mental illnesses are always things that don't focus on the head/moods to the exclusion of everything else. Here is what you can do that has been documented as the most consistent and effective solutions, regardless of the problem (well, pretty much):
        • Eat unprocessed foods, rather than junk foods.
        • Exercise. At the least walk around a bit every day, if you can.
        • Get sunlight. If there isn't any where you are, find a tanning salon with low-pressure lights.
        • Socialise. That doesn't mean party. In fact, low-key social events are best.
        • Laugh.
        • Get affectionate touch in your life. I'm not talking about sex; I mean hugs, holding hands, and basic family-type stuff like that. Even petting a dog or cat is great.
        • Avoid stress, as much as possible. Try to live simply and allow yourself to release your fears.
        • Face your fears. Obviously, the way you do this will depends on your fears. Obviously, if you have OCD and fear getting AIDS, you shouldn't go and put yourself in risky situations. However, the chances are that if you have a mental illness that your fears are largely irrational and you might be avoiding normal or even healthy situations with no good reason. One example might be someone who fears germs and therefore won't visit a friend's house, because their friend works as a nurse. That's a good fear to face, little by little. Fears only have power over you if you hold on to the fear. It is the fear that has the power. The event itself has no power. And the fear only has as much power as you decide to give it.
        • Prayer helps. If you have OCD or schizophrenia you might want to allow someone else to monitor you for a while.


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          Originally posted by TigerLily View Post

          Sugar and grains are the biggies, as far as using food culprits that jack with brain chemistry.
          Amino acid therapy handled/handles the rest. (+++)
          Exercise, particularly exercising outdoors.

          "The Mood Cure" by Ross. She has a lot of experience getting folks off antidepressants and onto amino acids.
          "Depression-Free, Naturally" by Larson.
          Agreed! Plus those books are dam good, thanks for the share