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  • Primal know-how needed!

    Hey guys,
    I'm fairly new to the whole primal thing, by boyfriend got me into it about a month and a half ago, reason being, there is a case of diabetes and heart problems in my family.

    I'm basically posting this thread to try and get some of my questions answered in the easiest possible way.

    1) I do tend to crave sugar, alot! Me and my boyfriend used to have a "pig out" day, but that left us feeling low and tired, should I have a carb re-feed day or am I letting temptation get me.
    (my idea of a carb re-feed would be alot of chocolate!)

    2) Any recipes for primal pastry?

    3) I tend to have problems going to sleep early, I tend to become more awake at night (even when I have been primal all day) , and find it hard to wake up. I have changed my alarm so it doesn't make me hit the ceiling, but need that extra push to get me out of the bed.

    4) This week I have been aching alot, and have been craving sugar, am I getting "withdrawal" symptoms?

    I really want to do my best, and support my boyfriend so he doesn't fall off the wagon.

    Any feedback is greatly welcomed, thanks guys.

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    Also, need help on "how to say no" to those friends and family with temptation foods.


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      Sounds like you need to get off the carb merry-go-round first. Carbs do not just include chocolate though. You are going to crave carbs as long as you are eating sweets, bread/grains, potatoes, rice, etc. Get your carbs from fresh fruit. Doing a one day fast helps you get a grip on yourself. Once you have stuck to the PB menu for a couple of weeks, you can choose the right foods when socializing with others. A good night's sleep is a nice side effect of powering yourself out in the fresh air IMO.
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        I am on week 2 of this and have had many tempting times and have had enough willpower to say no. Its a minute by minute deal until you are fully detoxed from the sweets.
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          Convince yourself that fruit is candy. It works.
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            For me, I never gave up chocolate, I just changed the type of chocolate. Make sure it is no less than 71% cacao, never milk chocolate! I have found that now even a small bite of milk chocolate is much too sweet! If you are carving sweets, then stop "cheat" days. I haven't done cheat days as I don't get the point. I don't know what a carb re-feed is, but if it is causing issue then STOP! Either fast (I don't purposely fast, sometimes I happen to out of laziness or lacking extreme hunger) or just eat normal Primal.

            As for sleep, if going to bed early makes you wake up in the middle of the night, go to bed later. Not everyone needs 8 full hours. you might be wired for 7, or even 6 and a half. If you are more Primal in your diet, go to bed when you are tired, but try for the same time each night, and wake up at the same time each day if you can. I personally need sleep, I do better with 8 hours. And I am a morning person, so I like to go down early (by 9 or so) and I am awake between 4:30 and 5:30. And I wake easier when the sun comes up, which is great in the summer. Winters drag me down, depress me, and make me tired.

            There are Primal fixes for sweets, but you shouldn't worry about those until you kick the sugar cravings. You might be having withdrawals, not totally sure though. If you can stop the sugar intake and it goes away, then there's your answer. My carb withdrawal symptoms occured in the first week and involved my head and my tinnitus. Then it was done in a few days. Only once since has it come back (son's birthday and an incident with Carvel ice cream cake, but I knew what I was getting into).
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              Originally posted by Alex Good View Post
              Convince yourself that fruit is candy. It works.
              This totally worked for me.
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                1) No pigout days. It only prolongs the suffering. A good 2 or 3 weeks of strict eating usually takes care of cravings, but they do still come up once in a while. I've been Primal 2 years and still get them- usually when I haven't had adequate sleep or am feeling super stressed. Taking care of sleep and stress will make the withdrawl easier.

                2) Don't worry about Primal pastry right now. Just eat whole foods- meat and veggies.

                3) Getting into a natural sleep cycle takes a bit of time. Make yourself wake up earlier than you want- by an hour at least. Eventually your body will get into the routine. It also helps to not eat too late. Stop eating 18 hours before you intend to wake and that can help you wake more easily.


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                  If you really need something with the flavors of a pastry, Larabars are totally primal, and come in flavors like Cinnamon Roll, Gingersnap, and even Chocolate Mint. They're mate with nuts, dates, and spices, and taste really good!


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                    +1 on the Larabars. They're delicious. But you do need to get off the carb rollercoaster first. It might be a couple weeks of sucky-ness (brain fog, low energy, etc) but when it's over you'll feel great.


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                      1) Go hardcore for a month. No sugar whatsoever. That will make the transition easier and you'll have more energy sooner. After the intro phase, if you're craving sugar, grab some fruit, preferably berries. I keep frozen strawberries and blueberries on hand, I eat them less than once a week.

                      2) Do some google searches for coconut and almond flour recipes. There's a ton out there. However, I'd recommend embracing the new eating style instead of simply replacing what you used to eat with healthier imitations.

                      3) Buy a candle. Set a bedtime. 1/2 hour before your bedtime, read by candle light. No computers, artificial lights, or cell phones. This will help you wind down. Also, remember to get 8 hours every night and try to stick to a regular sleeping schedule. It takes a week or two to get used to. Avoid caffeine near bed time too.

                      4) This week I have been aching alot, and have been craving sugar, am I getting "withdrawal" symptoms? Yes. Don't eat sugar for a while and they'll go away. Also, when you crave sugar, eat fat. Nuts or bacon or avocado.

                      I think the biggest key to success is to really stock up and fill your house with primal food. Start cooking more too!
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