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  • Flu vaccinations

    This year I've decided not to have a flu jab. Other years I have had one, mainly because I am an asthmatic and last year I had one because of all the hoo-ha over the swine flu doing the rounds.

    My asthma has all but disappeared though and I feel pretty healthy all round. I put this down to regular D3 and fish oil supplementing and a reasonable sort of diet - still the occasional bread and slip ups though. Gut health is way improved which i understand is the first line of immune defense.

    What are peoples thoughts on flu jabs, and why or why not to have one...

    If my immune system is strong, if I do happen to get a flu virus, would it be more likely that I'll recover quicker.

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    i haven't had one in forever. I would say, yeah. . .

    last time i was vaccinated was for yellow fever and hep A, B, C so that I could travel to africa -- that was in 2000. Otherwise, I don't vaccinate myself. And I don't vaccinate my kid either.

    I'm not anti-vaccine, per se. I do think it has it's uses and benefits. But, i don't see the need for a regular flu vaccine. I think they are great for at-risk populations, though.


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      According to CW, I'm one of the at-risk population because I'm in my 60s, but I've never had a flu shot and don't plan to anytime soon.


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        Ok, I REALLY want to hear what folks have to say about this topic!

        I too skipped the flu vaccine this year Ė Iíve got an autoimmune disease and Iíve been primal for about 4 years, but last year I had a nasty flare of my disease from around Thanksgiving (about the time I got the vaccine) through late spring. I wondered if the flu jab had something to do with that (by ramping my immune system into over-drive), so I skipped the vaccine this year, even though Iím on an immunosuppressant and technically, CW says Iím one of those that Ďmustí get the vaccine.

        And then in Feb my life got busy and crazy and stressy, but I gritted my teeth and pushed through work-outs when I probably should have taken it easy - and I got the flu. (Of COURSE I started getting sick the FIRST DAY of the only long weekend my mom could come up from Houston for a visit, and I was sick as a DOG on the couch for the last two days of her visit, grrrrr).

        On the other hand, I was really only Ďbadí sick for a few days (and had my first ever experience with laryngitis) and in a week I was back to normal. Aaaaand I havenít had a rheumatoid flare since the one last year. So Iím really conflicted about what to do come flu season next year.

        So, what have other people experienced with this?
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          ah yes the "at risk" population!! of which I was one (because of the asthma). So now I dont feel that I am... at risk that is. Of course we are all at risk of getting a virus but I guess some more than others.

          Anyone here who can chime in on how a virus actually works? Lets say 2 people sit in a room with a sick person (with the flu). Would both get it or only the person who may not have a good immune system? This is still all a bit of a mystery to me!


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            No way! I'm much happier to rely on my Vitamin D--haven't been sick in almost 18 months--since I started supplementing.
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              no, i consider 'at risk' people to be people who would likely die if they got the flu.


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                I turn autistic for a few months after getting vaccinated, so no, thank you.
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                  we are over-vaccinated. No one dies of the flu, they die from complications of it. If you get THAT frickin sick, don't die, go to the hospital. If my hospital becomes one of those police state hospitals that requires it's employees to get the flu shot I will develop an allergy to eggs.
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                    I get one and I don't fall into the "at risk" category. I


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                      Originally posted by NurseMama5 View Post
                      we are over-vaccinated. No one dies of the flu, they die from complications of it. If you get THAT frickin sick, don't die, go to the hospital. If my hospital becomes one of those police state hospitals that requires it's employees to get the flu shot I will develop an allergy to eggs.
                      you're right of course about people dying from complications. but if you're immune system is poor, then perhaps not getting the flu to begin with is the most helpful, so having a vaccination is a good idea??????. Really the answer is working on getting the immune system in a nice healthy state, but I'm no closer to knowing if I'm healthy and get a virus how I'll react to it if I havent had a vaccination...

                      I'm definitely not getting one this year though so I guess we'll see!


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                        I don't get flu vaccinations, although they're free for me because of my job. I guess I count on being healthy enough to either shake it off or not get it in the first place. I also have quite a lot of faith in D3.

                        The one they're offering this year gives protection from three strains of the virus, but it can only protect from the known mutations that were scooting around the northern hemisphere last winter. I reckon Murphy's Law says that any really nasty bug will be a mutation we're not protected from, lol.

                        I subscribe to a theory I heard about in relation to childbirth - the 'cascade of interventions'. Basically it says that while your body is maintaining homeostasis then leave it alone, because when you do one small thing to disturb that peaceful existence, you'll have to do increasingly significant things to try to restore it to where it should have been. My primal journey is all about supporting homeostasis and not subjecting my body to any external stressors.
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                          I worked in emergency medical services (EMS) for about 20 years and have spent the last 16 years working overseas in some pretty nasty places. I seem to have an immunity system that could kill small animals by itself and rarely get sick. I do not take vaccinations except for the stuff that will kill you 100%, like rabies and things that are sometimes company required, like malarone for malaria. I have never had a flu shot and have not gotten the flu in, well, can't remember the last time.

                          Unless I'm damned near dying, I don't put chemicals (medications) in my body and trust my body to heal itself which so far, it has done an excellent job of doing (knock on wood).
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                            If we take adequate Vitamin D3, to get our blood test to optimal, then we don't need flue shots. I have NEVER had a flue shot. Our immune system will not function properly without Vitamin D3. That is a proven fact.

                            This is the 1st winter EVER that I have not had a severe chest cold.
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                            More on Vitamin D3 below,


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                              I'm one of those people who will categorically refuse to have myself or my children vaccinated against the flu or H1N1. I also refuse my children to be vaccinated against chicken pox, which they caught at school and now that's over and done with. I did want them to be vaccinated against deadly sickness though, but have delayed vaccinations until the children were a little older than the 2 month old vax. I've gotten lots of grief over this from peers and family, but I don't trust the FDA one bit, so I do what is best for my family.
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