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Are bras really needed?

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  • Originally posted by Blackcatbone View Post
    Yeah, me too. When I go out it's either a bit more supportive version of regular bra. I really, really wish I could find something Coobie-esque that had wider straps though. Thin straps digging into my shoulders pretty much guarantees a splitting headache.
    I don't have big enough breasts for narrow straps to be an issue (I'm a 32C for real, not a "C" that's really a DD stuffed into the wrong size cup with a too-big band), plus I think this one might be better designed because it has a Y-shaped back and a very wide band so the support is not all hung off the shoulders. It's sort of a lighter version of a sport bra--less compressive and lighter than a sport bra though. I originally bought mine for travel in hot climates where the idea of heat+underwire+backpack sounded like pure misery. They also wash easily in a hotel room sink and dry quite quickly, so that's another plus for someone who likes to travel cheap and light.

    Anyhow, I'm completely in love with them. The only issue I have is that they don't work so well with wider necklines.

    Patagonia Barely Everyday Bra (Women's) - Mountain Equipment Co-op. Free Shipping Available
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    • LOL, I read this thread, well, because I'm a guy and I haven't "had any" in awhile.... but now I wish I hadn't.... some of the serious stuff in here has me worried. My 11 year old had her first period at age 9, and has big boobs.... Not huge, by any means, but I hope they don't keep growing at the same rate they are now..... I say that as a dad to my daughter..... but as a guy, here's to all you "healthy" women. ..... but not too healthy...... The last woman I dated before my wife had F size, and really I didn't like it, and I felt bad for her, as I know that she wanted a reduction, but couldn't afford one.
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      • Wider straps needed... then do a search for "Decent Exposures"

        I wore them for years... especially during my heavier years, when the girls were gargantuan.


        • Originally posted by spakesneaker View Post
          Yeah I'm one of those heavy 'early maturers.' What I've noticed about us is that we tend to be the tallest girls in our class in 5th grade... at 5 foot. and then everyone else grows and grows TALLER than us, ugh. although my breasts were big for a 10 yr old (since a 10 yr old in an ideal world wouldn't have noticeable boobs at all) they're medium-sized for a grown woman. and i'm wondering now if i fix a possible progesterone deficiency, that will actually make them grow. so i think excess estrogen can spur early puberty, but i don't think it necessarily leads to increased breast size unless it's something that's genetically 'set.'
          I was also one of these girls. I've been wearing a bra since the second grade. Currently a 36D, but used to be 38DD before primal. I had huge, saggy breasts at 19. Going paleo in addition to training with kettlebells and lots of push-ups have given me beautifully perky breasts.
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          • I don't have huge breasts, but boy are they saggy! I look AWFUL without a bra... and I've worn one forever, so I don't think wearing one or not has had any impact on the sagginess... In fact, I've heard of women who don't wear bras who don't sag much at all!!