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  • Incontinence solved!

    I've had stress incontinence following childbirth for thirty years now. But it finally went away in the past few months, I think because of some dietary changes.

    I decided to go really low carb, that is, avoid any kind of carb that had a high glycemic load. Before, I was "primal," but I sometimes ate mashed potatoes or some rice. Since eliminating all high glycemic load carbs, though, my stress incontinence went completely away!

    In the past I would often have little leaking episodes while walking, and almost always if I tried to run, jump or dance. I had to wear a pad of some sort to deal with it. This started when I was 26 after my son was born. They kept saying it would go away, but it didn't. I did kegels like crazy, and even bought some resistive devices that were supposed to strengthen the perineum, all to no avail.

    Why do I think eliminating high glycemic foods was the reason it went away? Because frequent urination is also a symptom of diabetes. I know this because the ancient Chinese herbalists were very interested in diabetic symptoms, although they didn't call it diabetes. They called it "thirsting and wasting" disorder. (Of course now it's more like "thirsting and expanding" disorder.) I wonder if the chinese started having problems with diabetes when rice became their staple.

    So my theory is, the high glycemic foods I was eating was causing "thirsting and wasting," or borderline diabetic symptoms; and frequent, copious, and clear urination, coupled with stress incontinence was the result of some sort of derangement of pancreatic and kidney function.

    Anyway, stress incontinence is very common in mothers, and maybe my discovery might help some ladies out there.