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Any effect on Hot Flashes or other Menopause Symptoms when going Primal?

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  • Any effect on Hot Flashes or other Menopause Symptoms when going Primal?

    I have been using bio-identical progesterone cream and having great relief of my hot flashes, vaginal dryness and other symptoms of estrogen depletion since last October. But since Feb, as I have become gradually more compliant with the Primal Diet (mainly no grains, more meat and veggies, still moderate dairy and legumes), I am starting to get a resumption of the hot flashes. They started very gradually and were just "warm flushes", but have progressed now to actual hot sweats, similar to what I was having before starting the cream. And night flushes, progressing towards night sweats, are making an appearance too,, as is the vaginal dryness. I have been following a strict Whole 30 for the month of April.

    Obviously things are changing in me hormonally. I just met with the consulting pharmacist who prescribed the cream in the first place. She had no answers other than that my dietary changes could have caused differences in hormone levels, or that weight loss released additional estrogen from the fat stores. She referred to a high red meat diet as "inflammatory", but I replied that the grains and dairy were considered inflammatory, not the meat and veggies.

    Anyways, has anyone else had any experience with fluctuating estrogen/progesterone levels, menopause symptom changes or any other tidbits of wisdom or antecdotal experience??
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    Bumping this thread up. Please help me to understand what might be happening in my body. I have to decide if I will be modifying my dosage before my cycle starts again on May 1.


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      I am 48 and I was supplementing with Pro-gest cream for the last year for perimenopausal symptoms: insomnia, dryness and belly fat gain. It helped, but not a lot.

      After 6 months Primal, I have noticed some hormonal changes and stopped my Pro-gest last month. So far, I have lots of CM and my insomnia kicked the bucket with Magnesium supplementation. Belly fat is dropping off with the aid of IF. I am sufficient with vitamin D now, too.

      My sense is that most perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms are actually nutrient deficiencies and/or emotional issues.
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        What did you base your need for progesterone cream on? Your pharmacist's verbal recommendation? Blood tests?

        If you are experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms I suggest getting a complete physical by a gynecologist. During that exam, request that all hormone level be tested-- thyroid (TSH, free T4, freeT3), estradiol, progesterone, testosterone. I also think testing vitamin d, ferritin, blood sugar (fasting BGL, fasting insulin, HbA1c) is important.

        Before requesting any of these tests I think it would be beneficial to research each hormone, test to learn optimal testing times and levels,.


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          I did my own research and went to my MD asking for bio-identical progesterone. I am not willing to consider estrogen in any way as my mother died of pre-menopausal breast cancer at age 55 (I'm 50), so my risk is considered higher. I had recently had the complete physical with gyno exam. The extensive blood work you suggested is not ordered unless indicated, which I can appreciate. I live and work in the Canadian health care system, publicly funded, so the rules are different. I am otherwise as healthy as a horse, not overweight, strong, great immune system, the picture of health (though, of course, I want to get rid of about 15 lbs of pear-shape).

          I asked for hormone testing when I went to my doc re the hot flashes. She said it really wasn't worth it, as it would show that my estrogen was in the basement, and we already knew that from the symptoms. That was back in October. It might be worth asking again based on the change in symptoms.

          Before the cream I was having an extreme number of hot flashes both all day and during the night, disrupting my sleep and making life miserable. I counted one day - 5 night sweats (each waking me up and lasting 5-8 minutes), then 12 daytime hot sweats from awakening until my appointment with the pharmacist at 6 p.m. Even more in the evening. Misery! The relief that I got from the cream was worth me overcoming my reservations around hormone replacement. And the fact that bio-identicals are now available was important, too. No horse urine for me, thanks!


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            I had such terrible night sweats that I wasn’t getting any sleep. Progesteril helped eliminate the night sweats and helped me get a good night’s sleep. It has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I am so happy with this product. I know I will make it through menopause without all of the horrible symptoms
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