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Calorie Counting Revisited : Distillation and Update



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  • Yes that is right John Most people eat more sugars than fats. Fats are slower burning compared to sugars.


    • Originally posted by Ayla2010 View Post
      Some people don't agree with very low carb John.
      But for some of us, under 50 g of carbs a day is best. I am eating 70% fat, 20 % protein, and 10 % carbs, and its working for me and I feel great. You will need to experiment what is the right level of each.
      Not saying Otzi does this but some people on this forum like to tell people who have found that low carb works for them that they are "doing it wrong". There is no wrong or right macronutrient ratio for everybody. There is on the right one for you. I would say, given your impressive success so far, low carb is working. Now you have just reached the point where the weightloss "low hanging fruit" has all been picked and it is a little more effort. That includes keeping a rein on your portion sizes.

      Being the Big Guy that you have been may make this difficult as you adjust your portions downward for a smaller body but your eyes are still used to that huge pile of food. Our society and our restaurants in particular keep pushing the message of huge portions that nobody needs. At 285 now you are a substantially smaller beast than you were at 350. Adjust accordingly.

      Originally posted by Ayla2010 View Post
      Yes that is right John Most people eat more sugars than fats. Fats are slower burning compared to sugars.
      Yes, a sugar burning metabolism needs to be fed much more often. That's where all the diet advice about lots of small meals and snacking frequently comes from.

      But as J. Stanton of the Gnolls site would say, "Eat like a predator, not like prey."


      • Originally posted by BigJohn View Post
        I'm curious as to what you mean by too low on the carbs. I'm currently under 50 almost every day, unless some special occasion hits, but even then I never go above 100. By far most of my calories are protein, and I get approximately the same grams of fat a day as I get carbs.

        Is there some risk with being too low on those?
        You'll have to figure that one out as you go along. Many are saying low carb should be used as a therapeutic means for weight loss or other metabolic derangements, but not a long-term eating strategy for otherwise healthy, active people.

        I was in the 20-50g range for several years, lost a lot of weight, but it wasn't until I lost my fear of starchy carbs (potatoes/rice) that I started really thriving on Primal Blueprint. If you are working out and don't have any real medical issues to preclude carbs, you may find a couple servings of rice and potatoes a day will not lead to weight gain and may help you with workout gains and energy levels.

        Some people do best keeping carbs really low, some do best keeping carbs a little higher. I think everyone agrees that we should limit added sugar, sugary fruits, and sugary drinks. The area of contention is the starchy foods. I, personally, think it's a mistake for active, healthy people to limit starch in the name of low carb, and including them in daily amounts up to about 30% of total calories can be helpful to achieving weight and fitness goals. A good ratio of Carb-Protein-Fat has been said to be about 30-20-50. If you are going to eat more starch, you would probably want to cut down on protein before fat.

        Please take all this with a grain of salt, you will eventually find what works for you. You should also try to clearly define your goals: Weight loss, muscle building, better health, etc... and use that as a starting point.

        Good luck!


        • I highly recommend to John and anyone else trying to figure out all the conflicting advice about carbohydrates the following book:

          Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and a Longer Life by Nora Gedgaudas


          • Otzi, I'm glad you found that useful, if for no other reason than I'm happy to share a tip with someone who brought spuds back into my life.
            "Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it." - St. Augustine


            Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


            • Originally posted by otzi View Post
              If you are going to eat more starch, you would probably want to cut down on protein before fat.
              I hope I'm reading this incorrectly....
              Generally speaking, you would probably want to cut down on fat rather than protein in order to include starches. The exception to this would be in cases where individuals are eating extremely low fat and high protein diets in which case protein should be lowered to allow for starchy carbs.


              • You know Otzi, from your journals and posts it really looks like you lost almost all your excess weight on low carb then lost the last ten "vanity pounds" and made your pretty abs pop out more clearly with the spud fest and then forgot what got you most of the way in the first place. (And, BTW you do look hot, bro.)

                It's not just about different ratios for different people. It's also different for any one person depending on the stage of weight loss they are in. John has made some great progress but has quite a bit more to go. He is not at the last ten vanity pounds stage yet.