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Police brutality in "The Land of the Free"



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  • Police brutality in "The Land of the Free"

    I'm beginning to think that the U.S. is a completely pathological nation - apologies to Americans reading this, but it's just one thing after another after another. And this is the latest, and it is truly disgraceful:

    A peaceful crowd of water protectors at the Oceti Sakowin camp, one of the three camps at Standing Rock, were met with tear gas, rubber bullets, a water cannon, water hoses, percussion grenades and LRADs (long-range acoustic devices that cause people to vomit). The people stood their ground in a courageous effort to protect their right to have clean water and protect the environment. …

    Police in the U.S. seem to be totally out of control. That our bobbies here in the UK would deploy an arsenal of weaponry like this, let alone against peaceful protestors, is almost unimaginable. I should think the same would go for most European nations. But the police in the U.S. seem to be, in effect, the servants of large commercial interests - as, I gather, U.S. governmental organisations (USDA, FDA, EPA, etc., etc.) are, too.

    [quote]North Dakota law enforcement have blamed protesters for a woman’s grievous injury at the Dakota Access pipeline protests on Sunday, despite assertions from the woman’s father and a witness to the incident that she was hit by a police concussion grenade. …

    ... a severe injury to her left arm that destroyed arteries, nerves, muscle, soft tissue and bone, according to her father. She remains at risk of amputation, and if the arm is salvaged, it will probably have very limited functionality.

    I read some two dozen people have been seriously injured and 300 needed to go to hospital.

    Why is the U.S. public putting up with this? Why are they not pulling their money out of the banks that are backing this?

    Moms across America says:

    [quote]If hundreds of thousands of people take their money out of the banks that are funding the Dakota Access Pipeline (put it in a local credit union) perhaps they will pull their money out too![quote]

    It's kind of telling that they add:

    The Norwegian Bank has already pulled 120 million dollars out.
    Trust the Scandinavians to have a conscience. But they should not be the only ones.

    This is an issue about the rights of indigenous people. It's a social issue and a political issue. It's also an environmental issue, and one wonders why the Ancestral Health movement seems not to have noticed it - perhaps they have, but I've seen no comment.

    When she sees images of police using pepper spray and water cannons or security guards unleashing dogs on Standing Rock protesters, Tallbear said, she isn't shocked. "I'm, like, oh yeah, they did that in the 19th century, they did that in the 16th century," she said. "This is not new. ... The contemporary tactics used against indigenous people might look a little bit more complex or savvy, but to me, I can read it all as part of a longstanding colonial project."

    "Maybe for non-Natives who thought that the West was won, and the Indian Wars were over, and Native people were mostly dead and gone and isn't that too bad – now, they're like, 'Oh wait a minute, they're still there? And they're still fighting the same things they were 150 years ago?'

    "Yeah, we are."

    The most mordant commentary on this has come from a satirical website based in Ireland:

    NORTH Dakota Policemen have been praised for offering Native American Indians several hundred litres of tear gas in an emotional ceremony at Standing Rock this afternoon.

    Keeping with the American celebration of the blessings of the harvest, Police officers lined up in a show of solidarity with their Sioux brother and offered up the lachrymatory agent to their welcoming faces, keeping with an age-old tradition spanning back centuries.

    “Obviously everyone here is very emotional right now,” Police officer Todd Chamberson explains, “The natives here at the reservation are openly weeping at our kind hearted gesture. …

    This kind of thing is the real issue - not how many grams of this or that did I eat today. And if we must turn it back to foodstuffs, surely it's not surprising that toxic societies should be producing toxic food by the ton - and damaging the land, water courses, domestic animals, wildlife and the people who eat the food in the process.

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    Have to agree with you for the most part. I for one have noticed; instead of commenting, I talked to friends, and helped some of the Protectors with some needs. Hoping others are doing the same

    "Live in such a way that when others speak evil of you, none will believe it."