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Find Best Dental Implant Dentists in Gainesville, Florida



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  • Find Best Dental Implant Dentists in Gainesville, Florida

    Dental implants are metal posts or titanium posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once in place, they allow your dentist to mount replacement teeth onto them. An implant doesn't come loose like a denture can. Dental implants also benefit general oral health because they do not have to be anchored to other teeth, like bridges. Because the implants fuse to jawbone, they provide stable support for artificial teeth.

    Dentures and bridges mounted to implants won't slip or shift in your mouth, an especially important benefit when eating and speaking. This secure fit helps the dentures, and bridges as well as individual crowns placed over implants feel more natural than conventional bridges or dentures. Dental implants & Invisalign in Gainesville FL can be used to replace a single tooth, several teeth, or all of the teeth. The goal of teeth replacement is to restore function as well as esthetics. When it comes to tooth replacement, generally, there are three options: (1) removable dental appliance (full denture or partial denture), (2) fixed dental bridge (cemented), and (3) dental implant.