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Drink my daily leafy greens?



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  • Drink my daily leafy greens?

    Can I drink my daily requirement of leafy greens? I do not like the taste or salads. But I can chug anything. Can I fill my blender every morning with kale and shard, chug it, and get them in my diet? How much do I need per day?

    I eat the heck out of other vegetables so I am not worried about that. But I cannot get leafy greens into the mix - I've sauted and added them to other food and nothing works
    I'm hoping I can power down a big glass of blended filter water and kale - what do you think?

    Thank you

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    Due to my peculiar eating habits, I add a tablespoon of mango fermented greens (commercial) and 1 tablespoon of collagen to a shaker jar w/coil, and fill with water.. After the coil has busted up any clots, I chugalug and don't worry about my veggie intake any more. I consider it insurance while eating carnivorously. However, kale is my one no no. When I blended kale into a green drink, it really bothered my diverticulosis, making it into diverticulitis.I barely avoided an ER visit. Hope your scenario won't be as damaging. But... try it and see.


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      You don't need leafy greens. Sure, good sources of this and that, but nothing that you can't get elsewhere and a lot more dense. Don't sweat it. While I like salads, I hate making them. And juggling what components are going to go off soon, buying more, etc. A PITA food group. I go in and out of salad phases. I'm "out" right now.