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  • Amy Winehouse

    I know little about her, other than that she's a pop singer. Ive seen her name on the front of the papers on occasion, usually in connection with drug-taking. And that was all I knew.

    She's now dead. We don't know yet why she died:

    A post-mortem examination into the death of Amy Winehouse has taken place.

    No cause of death has been given, while an inquest into her death was opened and adjourned until 26 October.
    However, we do know that she was a drug addict.

    Bearing in mind the connection that's been found by some people working with drug addicts—I'm thinking of, for example, The Mood Cure here—between drug addiction and the difficulties some people have making particular neurotransmitters, owing to poor diet and genetic factors, I wondered what Miss Winehouse usually ate—perhaps she was a vegetarian, for example.

    So I googled "amy winehouse food" ... and sure enough I found some things of interest:

    1. she "likes fast food";
    2. she was known for "skipping meals";
    3. she was "a secret chocoholic with a passion for snack bars and crisps";
    4. she was seriously under-weight.

    So from the Guardian (and several other sources) I learnt she liked fast food:

    Amy Winehouse likes fast food, her father | Music |

    MacDonald's was specifically mentioned and the phrase "greasy" was used ... (when you're in the mainstream media never mind about the huge belt of refined carbs (86 g in the form of sugars in a large coke alone) or the disastrous omega-3/-6 ratio, or the presence of monosodium glutamate (a neurotoxin) in the food, of course).

    That she skipped meals seems interesting, too. Healthy people can, of course, do this. But don't do it if you're hypoglycaemic, of course. And if you're doing it when you're underweight and should be hungry
    I'd suspect there's mucked up biochemistry at the bottom of it.

    The note on her "passion" for snack foods and the comments on her being underweight, together with a horrendous photograph of her, comes from the Daily Mail:

    'I had to have my wedding ring resized,' she revealed ahead of her ICA gig in London last week where her dressing room was reported to have been littered with Kitkat wrappers.
    'It got too big and I kept losing it.'
    Amy Winehouse struggles to put on weight despite junk food addiction | Mail Online

    Finally, I learnt that she wanted to move a Caribbean chef to the UK. This is perhaps rather odd and obsessional behaviour around food. However, I can't help wondering if it represented an unconscious recognition that she needed better food, since good West Indian food is pretty healthy:

    Those close to the 25-year-old singer - whose favourite Caribbean meal is smoked flying fish, crab cakes and chicken rotis - are keen to help her find a cook as it means she will eat properly when she returns to London. ... Last year, it was reported she had written a series of new tracks about her favourite foods, with meatballs and chicken jerk both getting mentions.
    Amy Winehouse's food demands | The List

    Now, none of this proves anything. However, in light of what we already know about food, neurotransmitters, and the gut-brain connection, I think some of this is at least potentially interesting.

    I think people tend to see drug-addiction as a moral problem, or alternatively as a psychological problem. Perhaps those play into it, too, but sheer biochemistry seems likely to be a vital part of the puzzle. If people with these problems could be got to go on a high fat, moderate protein, low carb wholefood diet with appropriate supplementation, have precursors to any neurotransmitters they're found to be lacking in supplied, get a programme of appropriate (but not over-strenuous) exercise, and be persuaded to do meditation or biofeedback, or something of the sort, to calm them down, they'd be far more likely to pull round.

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    fk her

    another crackhead is gone, nothing to mourn
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      I really liked her voice/music. I didn't think she would last this long, so it's not a real shocker.
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        With drugs as heavy-duty as she was throwing down, nutrition was a small factor.
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          Fan of her music as well, but you do raise some interesting points. Drug addiction is a bitch. I do feel for her passing though, only because I truly did enjoy her music. I don't typically care for celebrities that die prematurely if they didn't offer anything of value IMO. I reckon I can't be sad for everyone that passes, or I'd never be happy.
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            She was talented, but unfortunately, very troubled.
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              I was really hoping she'd find what she was looking for and sort herself out before it was too late. I guess that didn't happen. I really liked her music.

              I've known a couple of addicts (one pot, one alcohol) who would put off eating and it was because they didn't want food consumption to 'water down' the high. When they did eat, though, it was junk food.
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                Autopsy inconclusive- I wonder if her body just gave out....
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                  Originally posted by Apex Predator View Post
                  With drugs as heavy-duty as she was throwing down, nutrition was a small factor.
                  That's not the point.

                  The point is why people take drugs.

                  One possible answer seems to be that some people are deficient in neurotransmitters, owing to their poor diet and, in many cases, because they have genetic-based difficulties making them. The drugs are a cack-handed way of self-medicating.

                  What the woman who wrote the Mood Cure found was that when they were working with addicts with counselling and psychotherapy, they had a relapse rate approaching 100%. Utterly derisory. When they switched to a dietary intervention combined with identifying and supplying whatever neurotransmitters the client was low in they had good results.


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                    Hard to say of course, but many of the addicts I've known came from a good or even great nutritional background. I think most AMSs think that drugs rewire the reward centers in the brain and/or that genetically speaking they were born with screwed up reward systems.
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                      Like her or not, it's still tragic whenever people turn to drugs for whatever reason. Happy, healthly people with well-developed reward centers don't need drugs. It's tragic to have a life cut so short.
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                        It's not always about "turning" to drugs. I can be as simple as feeling like trying something new. Someone has it and you're curious - so you shoot heroin into your arm. It feels awesome(or so I've heard) and you may or may not want to try it again. Going out and getting drunk while surrounding yourself with users will lower your inhibitions and reasoning - so that it's easier for you to say - Yeah, I'll do it with you.

                        I think after the first few "casual" usings - THEN it starts to become a coping mechanism. It doesn't start that way.


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                          Proves once again. . . .
                          * Don't Smoke
                          * Don't drink alcohol
                          * Don't take drugs

                          Do lots of SEX instead.



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                            Certain genotypes are predisposed to have difficulties. From all my research there is a close association between sugar, caffeine, alcohol and other (illicit) drugs; it boils down to the reward (and dopamine) systems in the brain. Modern diets overload the insulin/IGF 1 pathways this shunts out the correct balance of other pleasure/motivation orientated hormones. Once that happens you are onto a hiding to nothing unless and until you discover (or those caring for you do) that it's what you are eating that is causing all the imbalances.

                            I know, I've recovered from bipolar and through that process have uncovered why and how the addictive pathways work. Food inputs are very, very powerful and if you have a susceptible genotype no willpower in the world is going to help.

                            What is very interesting to consider is that these highly sensitive motivation/reward centre pathways lead to highly creative individuals - often musically, intellectually, scientifically gifted people. Their genotypes have survived because it was an advantage (before the advent of food stuffs which cause problems to the centres involved) and they are no doubt part of how we came to be so highly evolved, it's so totally ironic that they are now considered abnormal and in requirement of 'normalising' through medication.
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                              Originally posted by kenn View Post
                              fk her

                              another crackhead is gone, nothing to mourn
                              Terribly harsh. What if it was your sister / cousin / daughter - just another crackhead? Lots of people loved her. And she is mourned - thankfully. Have YOU given as much pleasure to the world? Will you be as missed ?
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